Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive V3.0 by Bu5ted


Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive by Bu5ted
Version # 3.0 for ATS

*** NOTE: Some of the customizing slots for lights in the shop only
show on passenger side of truck, the slots are there just
rotate your view to passenger side.

On Tri-Axle trucks with a lift axle there are two nodes for
fenders, one for fender and one for lift fender.

Fenders are NOT working on lowered chassis just yet.


All Version 2.0 Options Plus++

Fixed MudFlaps
Added Light Slots to New MudFlap
Fixed Mirror Crash
10 New Chassis Added
New Lowered Chassis Set
Added More Light Slots To CabPanels
Some Engine Tweaks
New Exhaust Pipes
New Steering Wheels
New Interior Upgrades – Body Paint Color
Brighter Dash BackLight

Lots of Other Bug fixes and Additions

Log file is clean and free of errors!

As always this truck is a work in progress, there are some bugs! Please
report bugs so i can fix them for next version.
Any Suggestions can be sent as well.

SCS Software
anyone i missed!


26 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Tri-Drive V3.0 by Bu5ted

  1. I have my first three modding tutorials up on YouTube for those that are interested,

  2. Now if we could only get some bigger oversize loads on american trailers to go with this.

  3. Come on man seriously? They spent they’re time working on this that you didnt contribute to and you flip on them like this because of a mistake that they missed? SMH

    1. Wiseguy, thanks for the support, a++ to you brother. I’ll send you a project or two I’m working on if your interested, there not complete but working, if interested message me on YouTube and I’ll explain more

      1. hey man…love your mod…but…there is a problem…there is no steering in my truck… can you tell me what should i do to gain the steering back?

        1. Just go into the interior accessories section in the shop and select a steering wheel, I forgot to add a default wheel, will be fixing, but they are there and do work.

  4. Hey Bu5ted; Awesome that you finally came out with a newer version, been hoping for one. I just wanted to let you know that I come across 2 problems: 1) There is no steering wheel, when in cab, if you click to add steering wheel, its puts it down in the lower left, and not visible 2) None of the paint skins are picking up properly, except the ones that are solid colors. Other then that love the truck, but was wondering if I could put in one request, is it possible to add in a slot to put on hood ornaments. I have the truck customized up radically, but its needs this final touch of a hood ornament.

    1. I will definitely add a slot for hood ornaments, I will also look into the steering wheel problem, I had a quick peek on my end and can’t replicate it. Will dive into it deeper later, I have fenders and a few other things to do as well, hopefully within the week I will update again.

      1. That’s awesome, I’m not gonna push it, but I like some of the exhaust that the Peterbilt 389 has like the 8 inch Bull Horns Long, as an example. I can’t wait for the new release. My patience is always a virtual to great things.

  5. Hey bud if you get your head out of your ### long enough to look, they are rivets, and sure one of my textures ended up out of place and didn’t notice till later but I decided to upload anyways because there are plenty of “men” that will use it without bitching like my wife and wait for the go drive your Volvo.

  6. I have to agree with wiseguy on this and the way you are talking to Bu5ted is out of line. I have a feeling that you don’t even know of to mod and u are talking #### on this edit. How about thanking Bu5ted for talking the time out of HIS life to make this mod for everyone to use. It is people like you that are ruining the community for everybody else.

  7. ive always loved how you set up the W900 man. thanks for the updated version busted.

  8. Hello+Bu5ted!+I’m+sorry+for+my+English.+I’m+from+Russia.+I+like+the+W900+and+your+modification.+I+have+made+a+long+and+low+frame+6×4.+I+noticed+a+problem+with+textures+on+the+truck+frame+and+the+shaft+-+they+are+stretched.+Also,+there+are+strange+spots+on+the+sides+of+the+hood.+The+rest+of+your+mod+wonderful!+Thank+you!

    1. Hello Bu5ted! I’m sorry for my English. I’m from Russia. I like the W900 and your modification. I have made a long and low frame 6×4. I noticed a problem with textures on the truck frame and the shaft – they are stretched. Also, there are strange spots on the sides of the hood. The rest of your mod wonderful! Thank you!

  9. ***UPDATE***
    Seeing as there are a handful of bugs I will be releasing an update by the end of the week, any serious errors or bugs please report here asap and I will try correcting as much as possible in that time frame. –Side note… Has anyone experienced no sound with the Cat 3406 line of engines??

  10. Hey Truckguy, appreciate you helping keep the community alive, if you read my post to wiseguy that option is open for you as well. Just let me know.

  11. Hey Bu5ted, I’m really glad that you enjoyed the review I did on your truck! I can’t wait for the update so I can make an updated version to it! Also, I would love to check out new projects you are doing and give you feedback on them. Totally up to you =) Keep up the amazing work!

    1. I will contact you about doing a preview for one of my upcoming mods, i need a little time to finish major areas on it first. Again thanks for taking time to do a thorough review, I would like to but I can’t justify using my ###### graphics card to put a half ### video up, it always amazes me to see the difference between what I can run and what you and others do, graphics wise….no comparison.

      1. Awesome man! I can’t wait to test out a new project you’ve been working on. I like the experience of testing new things! You can contact me at [email protected]
        Thanks again for this opportunity man! Much appreciated and keep up the amazing work!!

    1. Thanks for those pics, I corrected most of those already but didn’t catch the walking deck, will be correct next release.

      1. Thank you! Another noted that the rear lights on the right air filter work as the left turn signal.

  12. Hey just wondering if you gotten any further with this truck. I noticed your 389 posted up, Can’t wait for the new addons & possible fix ups you mentioned.

  13. hi+

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