6 thoughts on “Shaffer Trucking Cascadia 2018

  1. Trucker 1

    Why do people keep making skins for the Cascadia 3.93 2018 mod? The #### thing DON’T work it’ll shut the game down with all it’s ERRORS!!!!!

    1. Spawning salmon

      Sorry for your troubles. I have no issues with mine. What version of the truck are you using? What version of ATS are you using? You may have other mods interfering. In that case it’s best to shut down all your mods and install one at a time. It’s a pain I know but you’ll find the culprit easily. That’s way in the mod world fellow driver sorry.

    2. Actually it’s for a newer version that is, unfortunately, private, or not free.

  2. see+my+comment+I’m+fed+up+that+complains+about+you+already+know+the+cascadia+v3.9.3+of+felipe+combar+not+served+but+I+have+the+solution+the+side+mirror+pimple+of+the+copilot+side+is+the+cause+of+the+game+is+closed+and+the+other+priority+that+in+the+same+mod+but+the+modifications+of+tom+dooley+is+not+free+is+private+and+I’m+tired+waiting+for+that+I+need+skins+or+else+and+I+will+create+them+but+it+will+be+private+since+I+do+not+want+to+share+the+truck+I+have+the+truck+cascadia+v.3.9.3+working+but+fail+when+buying+online+


    and they are so ###### that they do not want to share the truck freightliner cascadia v.3.9.3 but modified by tom dooley
    we are annoyed and tired of the fact that we want to use this truck cascadia 2018 and we all blame it on felipe combar because he made a bad mid-truck

  4. Do you take requests to make a skin for the 2018 cascadia?

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