9 thoughts on “Cascadia 2018 V4.2 Skin Pack

  1. Looks great! Where can I find the truck though?

  2. What version truck you talking about cause none of these paints are showing in the paint shop for mines?

  3. R & T Trucking

    Every version of the Cascadia_2018 Truck mod Crashes the Game, Someone needs to fix the #### Truck first so it’s playable!!

    1. DeltaLimaDelta

      do you have the VNL760(aradeth) and VNL780(Frank Brasil) mod? mine crashed until i got the 780 mod it seems to use the mirrors from it.

  4. felipe gonzalez

    side mirror side copilot is the cause because the game closes with the mod freightliner cascadia v3.9.3 and investigate the problem no longer gives me problems but still has problems to buy online just visit the dealer

  5. Trucker 1


  6. DeltaLimaDelta

    its actually the Volvo 780 Truck shop mod by Frank Brasil.

  7. So, where can this truck be downloaded from?

  8. That pack has been made by request on facebook for the 4.2 version of the mod, which is paid one or private or whatever… not public. So why even bother. This is ridiculous.
    Share the truck as well or GTFO.

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