SCANIA Trucks Mod v4.0 (by Frkn64)

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This mod adds Scania trucks to ATS.
Available trucks in the mod: Scania R 2009 – Scania Streamline – Scania R 2016 – Scania S 2016
– All trucks completely converted from ETS 2 without any bugs.
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling feature.
– Supports Trailer Cables feature.
– Supports Mod Dealer. (See the screenshots to learn how to buy a Scania using the Mod Dealer.)
*Warning: This mod was tested many times and no issues found. If you get an error while using this mod, you should know that it is not caused by this mod, but from other mods you use. You can try again by disabling all other mods.
Update 4.0 is out. Changelog:
– Now compatible with ATS 1.38 update.
– Updated truck model.
– Updated truck sounds.
– Added new horns.
– Added new accessories.
– Minor bugs fixed.
* We recommend previous version users to sell their existing Scania trucks and buy a new ones after installing this update.

Please read the terms below before using our mods. By downloading and using our mods, you agree to these terms.
– Do not copy any data from mods.
– Do not edit/change mod files unless necessary.
– If you edit/change mod files, do not share them with anyone.
– Do not upload mod files to websites.
If you want to share the mod on the web, you must comply with our mod sharing terms. Terms available here:

Frkn64, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 129 MB [Mirror]

2 thoughts on “SCANIA Trucks Mod v4.0 (by Frkn64)

  1. hey man, I download it, and it works very well, but there are few minor detail that not appears in this mod. first the reverse buzzer, no sound at all. second the ‘click’ sound when you use blinkers, open/close windows or wiper, no sound too. the others is good i think

  2. no engine sounds

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