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Scania Streamline

Date 2016-02-03 20:47

Scania-Streamline-1 Scania-Streamline-2 Scania-Streamline-3

You can buy in Peterbilt shop!

Some tuning parts not work, yet!


Author: Pz_MoDs


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6 Responses to Scania Streamline

  1. Indiana Jack

    Sorry, but this is ATS don’t ETS2. ####

  2. Rebel8520

    Please convert scania T :)

  3. JLee1997

    I converted the RJL scania, but am having problems with interiors, any chance you can help? They seem to be having errors with crazy colors from exterior view and i can’t seem to fix it.
    Skype: jan.leeuwenburgh1

    • Pz_MoDs

      vehicle folder not only scania files! daf xf files copy vehicle folder, and fix interior!

      sorry my bad english!

      i tell more tomorow!

  4. Jose

    Can you update scania to 1.3

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