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11 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 2012

  1. Indiana Jack

    Sorry, but this is ATS don’t ETS2. ####

    1. or you could just enjoy the hard work somebody did in just a few days to port this over to ATS. Some ppl like to drive COE trucks instead of “conventional” due to the better steering :)

    2. The more trucks (be it European, American, Australian or whatever) the better! It provides the opportunity for every player worldwide to creat his/her own game by combining whatever mods they like.
      Nobody forces you to download mods!

      @adriaan: European trucks have indeed way better handling!

    3. and ets2 have lot of usa truck mod!

    4. Indiana Baby!
      Go ahead and cry.

  2. thank you for the volvo bro i love it….dont worry bout the negative comment ^^^^^^^

  3. Thank you for this!

  4. asiangeek

    I can’t buy it, when I press buy it crashes

  5. adapted 19.5 r version please!…

  6. Can you make a version where the truck unlocks at lvl 0?

  7. Nice one.
    Used it to merge Roadhunters’ Volvo FH16 2012 8×4 und 10×5
    Version 7.0 in to it.

    Only the interiorcamera was off.
    Took me a while to find it:
    In data.sii
    #interior_camera: camera.interior.peterbilt.579

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