11 thoughts on “DAF XF v 2.0

  1. Sniper: The Manhunter

    1. what ? :)

  2. why euro trucks in an american truck game??? it’a ATS and not ETS :p

    1. because some people more prefer eu trucks! me too!

      ets2 have some american truck mod…..ats why not have ets trucks?

      and it’s not neccessary!

      sorry my bad english!

      1. je suis dacord avec @sire il avais des camion americain sur ets 2 car il navais pas dautre jeu pour les americain donc maintenant nous avons notre jeux et le votre donc il na pas de raison de metre des camion européen sur ats ni de metre des camion americain sur ets…

    2. Nestor Motta

      Brazilian Truck Driver in USA says about Scania Trucks in this video.

  3. they got a point keep ets2 trucks in ets2 its american truck simulator not euro truck

    1. What about all the US-Trucks in ETS2? In ETS2 it’s same. You don’t need to use it!

  4. David A King

    The American trucks were put into ETS2 to make sure all the bugs were worked out before ATS came out. Both games use same basic platforms so it was a good test base for the new game. I have taken all of my American trucks out of ETS2 and put them into ATS where they belong.

  5. Why are you guys whining about euro trucks in ATS..let people use whatever they want. You dont have to use them..

    1. Agreed.

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