25 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map v 1.5

  1. Best update ever now i have something to drive! i hope you will continue the good work!

  2. Good map but crash to desktop in a road between Boston to New York :(

  3. That of the happiness man, thank you for your beautiful work

  4. beautiful map thank you

  5. Thanks again for a great mod! I haven’t had a chance testing it yet, but I can say from using the 1.4 version that it’s a great effort. As time passes you should try adding some sights on the highway from Phoenix all the way to Boston. The scenery can become much greater and less dull with some effort.

    I wish you the best for releasing this mod though ’cause it’s the best there is right now. Thanks a lot!

  6. 56boneshaker

    Have files to be put in a certain order?

  7. xeno-mick

    Thank you mantrid and Narzew your map keeps the game intresting because original scs is very small, i have a suggestion for next update add / improve scenery and details for existing if you guys can, it would really be great.

  8. Dean Winchester

    Great map but I can’t seem to send new hires and trucks beyond california. I’m stopped in Oklahoma and discovered a new garage, truck dealer and hire agency.

  9. In the town Jacksonville,prefabs do not correspond to firms

  10. God map but to empti all dthe way the same sceneri add more objects treas or someting and it will be perfect (sory for my english)

  11. need some scenery. but also some access roads would be great so theres more than just 1 way to each place

  12. Really great mod! Really love to haul my cargo on long higway road!!! :) You should try to make it compatible with ATS time mod (change time scale to 1:1) by ATS Factory. But otherwise it’s pretty nice map…Thanks :))

  13. AlvaroTrucker

    It’s a very good idea to drive to Florida but you should not copy cities , Miami is exactly like Los Angeles

  14. mantrid is the true author of this map. Narzew has nothing to do with the map. having issues? submit bugs here http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=202317

  15. Strange… When I place the file in my mods folder, it doesn’t appear in my ATS game Mod Manager. Anyone knows why?

  16. korssollie

    dank voor de mooie map ben er heel blij mee
    maar een foutje zit er in de garages willen niet naar groot gaan
    van 1 naar 3 en van 3 naar 5
    dat is denk ik een foutje Tallahassee die gaat in het spel niet naar groot
    gr kors

  17. it crashes with just the map alone

  18. Are these realistic cities? Like they are copies of cities from California?

  19. sugestionguy101

    Wow this map is great and huge!

    Sugestion: you could add mexican city or even add canadian cities!
    A great sugestion would be add one or two city to every 50 states.

  20. Thanks so much for expanding the map!! Now all we need is a little more scenery on the freeways and it’s gold. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Keep it up :)

  21. This is a great mod, the only issue I had was that some of the signs on the Interstate didn’t display legible words, but they just displayed random blocks. I have the same issues with the license plates.

  22. Goggles Pisano

    You can purchase all the garages you want east of Nevada but you can’t put trucks in them. I figured out how to hire drivers in those garages but can’t give them trucks to drive. Scenery is lacking and not represented properly. Desert in South Carolina?? And most of the cities I’ve been to are identical cities from the original maps. Tallahassee and Miami are identical!! Weird. But other than that, I love the map and I hope it is a work in progress. Look forward to future updates!

  23. sugestionguy101

    Are you going to do portland maine because there is a sign or will you do canada in the next release?

  24. Seems to be working with the Hawaii map, MHA Pro and the highway extension. Doesn’t work with the Area 51 map.

  25. it+just+crashes+my+gam

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