Reskinned 2012 Reefer Companies Trailers Pack

Reefer-Companies-3 Reefer-Companies-2 Reefer-Companies-1

Just a reskin of the companies for something a little more than just fleet trailers

List of companies:
perdue turkeys
minute maid
fresh express
ball park franks
coors light
blue bunny
little ceasers
mclane food service
Eddys from ats

skinned by ace credit for the trailer model goes to the original creators dont know them by name but im giving mass credit


3 thoughts on “Reskinned 2012 Reefer Companies Trailers Pack

  1. Game version? Standalone? It is difficult to provide more information if?

  2. how do you skin this trailer?

  3. Can you make an all white trailer please? With a thermo king unit please?

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