10 thoughts on “Belly Dump Trailer v 1.0

  1. Joshua Peterson

    Nice mod! Will you be doing other trailer mods from Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel and 18 Wheels of Steel Across America?

  2. The crashman

    Hey great mod…maybe u can help…I r reposted the NASCAR trailer pack for version 1.2 x reskinned it with my Dale senior NASCAR skins with permission from the authors however it is broken and no longer works with the update and I cannot figure out how to make it work with this update I’ve only learned how to do skins I have not learned how to make the trailer mods and do the files yet is there anything you can do to make this work with this update or to help me figure out what to do again nice work man and would appreciate any help thank you

    1. I’ll look into it man. I’ll let you know if I have any luck and if I can get it fixed for you. How do you want me to get it to you?

    2. I got it working for you bud. All that was the problem is the manifest file contented something to where it would on work on 1 version but I’ve fixed it. If you want it. Ill email it to you.

      1. The Crashman

        seriously? you rock…I changed sii file and that wouldn’t work…if you got it that is awesome…do you steam? you can message me there under crashumo or crash…or what do you suggest?

  3. The Crashman

    how do I get you my email..without posting it here?

    1. My email is my name on here with gmail.com at the end. Just email me saying mod or something.

      1. The Crashman

        coming at ya bud..thanks

        1. Whats your steam I can message you on there. And if you want we could talk as well. My steam is the same name as on here.

        2. The Crashman

          I sent email…steam is crash or crashumo…my avatar is a statue of Dale Earnhardt Sr with blue background

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