Real companies USA & CANADA + Wind Braker 53


53 box with a wind braker, including 8 skins with real companies of USA and Canada.


wait for mexican lines trucking…

Enjoy it!

El chupacabras

Salvador Aparicio


9 thoughts on “Real companies USA & CANADA + Wind Braker 53

  1. nice set of trailers Salvador

    1. Salvador Aparicio Espinoza

      Thank you friend.

  2. replaces or Standalone? Thanks

    1. Salvador Aparicio Espinoza

      Replaces :)

  3. Really nice but you have your werner arrow on backwards. they should point to the front of the trailer on both sides.

    1. Salvador Aparicio Espinoza

      Oh that’s true, thank you for your suggestion :)

  4. Oh my you have started a new trend for trailer design that is up to date. Now all we need is for every trailer uploaded so far to look like these but company logos done correctly. great start tho.

  5. Nathaniel Horton

    Nice skirts but the Werner front is not like that and TransAm does not have dry vans they haul reefer.

  6. luisin36(powpro)

    yo escribo en español mejor buen mod aparacio

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