ATS Double-Trailers v3.0


Pak trailers of the three models:
– large (paired, while turning the cart does not work)
– Medium (normal)
– small (with a separate seat cart)
– Registered individual slots and goods.

What’s new:
1. Added coloring.
2. Remade all registration of cargoes.
3. Altered taillights.
For versions of the game 1.4.x – 1.5.х

Authors: jekich1,SCS,Stas556,Mishanka,Fire-Blade,NN-Mihail,Robert Bogdanov,Marc LION,Smith.


19 thoughts on “ATS Double-Trailers v3.0

  1. хрень…

  2. alexcyrh22


  3. useless bc of only one pivot point and they are euro trailers.

  4. Real bullshit – who need it ?!

  5. There is only one pivot point because the game engine restricts it to only one. Not the mod authors fault.

  6. We don’t run doubles like that in the US. they are usually two 28foot pups with a dolly in between. We call them “Wiggle Wagons”.

  7. Very disappointed as I have bought and paid for product, seemingly one of the anthers was fired from the RTA ~ I have to assume for sloppy work, he now offers this rubbish.

    He has offered this rubbish previously, but I was newer in the game and only became aware of the complexity after buying for real money and having an email from one of these authors.

    Now he is reduced to begging. For now, put all authors on your ban list ~ I don’t know if this is deliberate sabotage {Spintires} or total Innocent incompetence! Either way we suffer!

  8. If you’re going to post a trailer mod on here, make them american trailers, not euro trailers..If you have euro trailers to post, please click the ”” button at the top of the screen. :)

  9. Technically, for all of you Americans who feel the need to complain about “Euro in America”, this is a set of Australian B-Doubles. Europe does NOT use these, they use a straight truck with a trailer behind it.

    If Australian trucks are acceptable, so too should their trailers. Plus, Canada uses B-Doubles as well. And they are frequently seen in States that border Canada. Stop being so narrow-minded.

  10. Those aren’t european trailers since double trailers are not allowed here. I assume they are australian.

    1. Please get your facts straight. They ARE allowed. In NL, Scandinavia and soon in Belgium and Germany

      1. Kiwi Trucker

        Actually how about you get YOUR facts straight… Those are actually Australian designed trailers called B-Doubles, if you actually look at the photos you can see it says ‘Road Train’ on the back of them which are only in AUSTRALIA!!

  11. They+are+B+Doubles+used+in+Australia+nothing+Euro+about+them.+

  12. The+US+uses+flatbed+version+of+these+trailers.++So,+making+a+flatbed+version+would+make+more+sense+than+what+is+here.

  13. ets2 version link:?

    1. Elite_Phantom

      Use google

  14. its funny how when scs help make 18 wheels of steel there was pivot points between the trailers and now with american truck simulator there isnt any

  15. Mohammad Usman

    you have to make it possible for turning with carts,
    without it it,s just a simple but a long trailer when paired with double trailer.
    plz plz remove the bug for turning with carts.

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