Republic of Newfoundland Flag

Newfoundland-Flag-1 Newfoundland-Flag-2 Newfoundland-Flag-3

Purpose: Trick out your truck wit some ol’ fashi’n patriotism!

Skin works for all trucks, but looks best for the AeroCab sleeper in my opinion. Just ignore the extra flag that’s underneath the scoop when your using the AeroCab.

If does not work, please don’t be rude, but kindly mention it.

THIS WORK IS NOT ENDORSED, BUT HAS AFFILIATION WITH O’Dea at WikiCommons. For further information on this copyright information, please visit :

Authors: Tino, O’Dea at WikiCommons


2 thoughts on “Republic of Newfoundland Flag

  1. Mark Cooper

    Thanks, Guys. Same flag that hangs over my bar area.

  2. I said it works for all trucks, I meant to say all cabins, ex. Day cab, aero cab, etc. Sorry.

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