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about six month I made a break from the, because I had problems in RL and didn’t got the time / didn’t fell like create mods for ETS 2 and ATS, so I’m sorry for no support in the last months. :(
Now I’m back again and have good news for you: I know the community was splitted in the opinion how much or how often fog there should be, so in August I’m going to public some beta-sandbox-versions of my Foggy Weather, which you can all test, but only one, for which you vote, will be the new Foggy Weather 1.7

This modification brings you:

– Foggy/smoggy weather near west coast
– Foggy weather in desert
– Sandstorms in desert
– Cloudy/light rainy weather near west coast and desert
– Realistic temperature while fog, smog or sandstorms

It requires American Truck Simulator (1.3.xs) and should be compatible with all future maps.

ChangeLog []

– 1.3.xs compatibility

ChangeLog [1.6.3]

– Added a lite variant for players who don’t want thick sandstorms and fog

ChangeLog [1.6.2]

– Added low fog variants while early morning near west coast
– Added more variants of stronger sandstorms in desert
– More sandstorms while midday (10 a.m.-15 a.m)
– Corrected look of sun while sandstorms
– Corrected colour (/color (for the Americans here ^^)) of stronger sandstorms
– Corrected lighting while fog or sandstorm

ChangeLog [1.6.1]

– Fixed skybox-bug while early morning
– Fixed discription
– The version stands now in a squared bracket
– Added loading bars

Author: GerScaniaTrucker


7 thoughts on “Foggy Weather v – ATS Edition

  1. good mod. sandstorms pleased, thank you very much)))

  2. crashes my computer no matter where I put it

  3. not working with C2C and mex

  4. Patricia Castro

    link broken

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      Oh, I forgot about to update the link here, I’m sorry. :(
      New Link:

  5. link+does+not+work.+pls+fix.+thx!

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      Oh, I forgot about to update the link here, I’m sorry. :(
      New Link:

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