3D Rain and Fog Mod v 1.1 (Update)

Fog-3 Fog-2 Fog-1

3D Rain and Fog Mod v1.1 (Update) / ATS and ETS2

– 3D Asmr Rain Sound Effect ( inside, outside )
– New Thunder Sound Effect
– New Dense fog
– New Street Lamp Color


3D Rain and Fog Mod v1.1 (Update) / ATS and ETS2

– 3D ASMR Yagmur Ses Efekti ( Kabin ve Dış )
– Yeni Gök Gürültüsü Ses Efekti
– Yoğun Sis
– Yeni Sokak Lamba Rengi

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Author: SmhKzl



9 thoughts on “3D Rain and Fog Mod v 1.1 (Update)

  1. There+is+no+File+of+your+mod+bro

    1. there is a scs file? dont know why u havent

  2. No file when you click on the download link

  3. Deputydawg

    There’s a file as I’ve just downloaded it.

  4. Is work perfect;t

  5. great mod so thanks for the work etc but i already live in a miserable wet damp country i play ATS just so i can see what sunshine looks like :)

  6. Sorry but get no rain or fog in game and I have rain turned up in game settings.

  7. what is the password ???

  8. Does it work Now?

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