Realistic Suspensions Behavior and Physics Mod by MKR


Realistic behavior of suspensions and modified physics for the trucks. Breaking feels more realistic, also taking curves hauling a trailer is more realistic, you feel more of the trailer. Driving in rain ( though very rare on the default map ) is a bit more slippery at high speeds.

Note: truck behavior changes depending on the trailer and its weight.

Please DO NOT upload to other sites ! Thanks !

Tested on ATS

Author: MKR


4 thoughts on “Realistic Suspensions Behavior and Physics Mod by MKR

  1. It says this guy is using it in this kinda bad quality video.

  2. Makes the steering for the day cabs very sensitive even with the sensitivity turned all the way down.

  3. moises gallardo fernandez

    las física van de puta madre ole…ole…y oleeeeeeeeeeee este mod si que es realista ( soy camionero de familia)

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