[REL] US 50 & CA 99 Extensions v 1.1

US-50-&-CA-99-Extensions-3 US-50-&-CA-99-Extensions-2 US-50-&-CA-99-Extensions-1

Version 1.1
– Fixed small issues with the loading distance of some objects.
– Added map overlay to road all of the roads.
– Made map compatible with MHAPro and C2C.

If you want to run both MHAPro and C2C load the mods in following order: MHAPro-C2C_Patch, US_50_and_CA_99_v1.1, MHAPro Part 1-5, Mantrid`s C2C and the other mods
If you want to run only on of the mods load in following order: US_50_and_CA_99_v1.1, (Map mod of your choice), Other mods.

Author: Seal0027


2 thoughts on “[REL] US 50 & CA 99 Extensions v 1.1

  1. xeno-mick

    Thank you seal0027 i haven’t test it yet but looks good thanks for making it compatable for mhapro and c2c everyone is using those.

  2. SaTheLaTe

    Waow Seal0027 Its in my favorite mod list from now on :D

    i LOVE to drive on that part where we climb that side of the mountain its beautifull scenery very well made !

    I also felt in love with Placerville :) A cute little town located right inside the densier forest ive seen on california road !
    Talking of forest : i LOVE tha warm feeling when we drive north of Placerville where theres a lot of trees surrounding us :D Feels good :)
    Maybe we can have trees tunnel once in a while if the prefab is doable :) you know like a bunch of trees that reach a bit higher close to the road where leaves from both sides create a kinda tunnel over the road :P

    Well, Seal0027, very well made segment of road :)

    Thank you for this little piece of art :)

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