Piva Weather Mod v 2.0


Piva weather mod v 2.0 for ATS.
More contrast shadow, less white color overbright.
Dark nights. Removed wrong textures.
Changed colors all day include sunrise and sunset.
Changed skybox textures brightness.
Work with versions: 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2

Author: Piva

DOWNLOAD 94 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 94 MB [Uploadfiles]

8 thoughts on “Piva Weather Mod v 2.0

  1. Great Piva !!! You have done an excellent job again … Thanks !!! :)

  2. Great at last realistic night….Thanks

  3. xeno-mick

    Thanks pivs. Dark nights was a most wanted feature in ATS..

  4. Piva great work. Will be new version of traffic intensity for ETS2 1.23 ??

    1. Yes. It’s ready. Wating for release.

  5. Euro Trucker goes to the USA

    Venerable Piva, would it be possible to have a few before and after screenshots please?
    Thank you!
    Huge fan of your work,
    Euro Trucker goes to the USA

  6. Bravo pour ce mod, mais je trouve qu’il y a trop d’étoile et de plus elles sont grosses, c’est mon point de vue, mais pour le reste super.

  7. Great mod, one thing I would like to comment on though.
    I do find the window reflections to be a little too bright at some points as shown in the pic: http://i.imgur.com/jZWr9Br.png
    Makes it hard to actualy look through it.

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