Realistic Environment v 1.0

Realistic-Environment-3 Realistic-Environment-2 Realistic-Environment-1

This mod desaturates and removes some of the brightness from the terrain, grass, rocks and vegetation to give a more realistic look to the game. Some tree models have also been changed.

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.3, 1.2

Compatible with maps.

This is a graphics mod only so is compatible with weather mods.

Author: Grimes


4 thoughts on “Realistic Environment v 1.0

  1. skitkallt

    I have been waiting for you <3 thank you

  2. Jack Teller

    how installation This Mod plz !?

    1. Place the .scs file into Documents > American Truck Simulator > “Mods” folder then enable in the in-game Mod Manager.

  3. Very nice mate thank you! This is a live savior I was getting tired of all that saturation

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