Real Companies & Trailers Pack v 1.1

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This mod replaces most of the default companies with real company names, logos, signs and trailers.

Some plain trailers have also been replaced with BP, Shell, BASF, Fedex, DHL and UPS trailer skins.

42 Print – Vistaprint
Bitumen – Caterpillar
Bushnell Farms – Kraft Heinz
Charged – Best Buy
Chemso – Exxon Mobil
Darchelle – E & J Gallo
Eddys – 7 Eleven
Gallon Oil – Chevron
HMS – John Deere
Plaster & Sons – Beazer Homes
Rail Export – Union Pacific
SellGoods – Costco
Sunshine – Dole
Wallbert – Walmart

Compatibility: 1.3

Changes in v1.1
Rail Export to Union Pacific
Bushnell Farms to Kraft Heinz
Plaster & Sons to Beazer Homes
JC Penny changed to Costco
4 new Kraft Heinz trailers added
Cosco trailers added
Best buy trailer added
UPS trailer issue fixed

Author: Grimes


10 thoughts on “Real Companies & Trailers Pack v 1.1

  1. Thanks for the update, Grimes.

    Suggestion –

    It might be obvious, but I think the new supermarket company in the Arizona DLC named ”Tibit” is a knock-off of Aldi.

    1. Thanks, unfortunately I don’t think the signage for Tidbits can be so easily removed or amended.

  2. Jack Teller

    how installation This Mod plz !?

  3. Why bitumen is caterpillar?

    1. Because Bitumen mainly deals in heavy machinery.

      1. Bitumen builds roads (like in Hornbrook, in Ely and more), it has a maintenance base for the repair of equipment (in many cities). And the name Bitumen itself says that it is associated with the construction of roads, bitumen one with material from which built the road.

        1. Dont like it then make your own mod.

          Besides in the US road construction is controlled and done by each individual states Dept. Of Transportation and their individual districts using their own equipment..example in PA it is PennDOT.

          So in this case Caterpillar is the best choice as a supplier of the equipment for the Dept. of Transportation for the states.

  4. How on earth do you install this?

    1. It’s an scs file so doesn’t need to be opened or anything extracted, just drop it straight in to your mod folder and activate it in in the editor.

  5. im+new+to+mods+and+computer+gaming+in+general,+I+have+ats+through+steam,+I+ve+looked+on+my+computer+and+cant+find+this+mods+folder+you+mentioned+any+help+please,+I+have+it+DLed+but+cant+get+it+to+show+up+in+game+mod+manager

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