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Walk About Camera for ATS 1.3

Date 2016-06-07 15:51


Walk about camera for default trucks update for ATS 1.3

Author: Piva

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8 Responses to Walk About Camera for ATS 1.3

  1. Ways71

    Mod still breaks the Interior customization at Service.

  2. Mike

    Mod works but when you take truck to shop to customize anything that has to do with the interior things get all messed up.

  3. Thanks for report

  4. If you want to customize your cabine interior in service.
    PLEASE Detach mod in mod manager.

    I dont know how to fix this problem.
    Problem presist in both games ETS2 and ATS.

  5. hey I downloaded this mod but can not get it to work. I use the mouse and the keyboard to look around but it will not go all the way outside the truck to the rear tires. Do I need the original mod and the new version to get it to work and or does this mod only work with certain trucks.

  6. This Mod only works on trucks from game not added MOD trucks like the 389. it is a good mod better view when backing up to get trailers.

  7. BahamutX

    can you update this this for the latest version?

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