Realistic California Highways v1.1

This mod replaces the highways and some roads around South California with more realistic renditions, more suburbs, lanes, realistic vegetation and texture use, etc. Most highways sorroundings are now based of actual locations in Los Angeles and San Diego.

The city sorroundings are also heavily modified. Mountains in LA are pushed further back to be more realistic.

Interstate 5 (LA)
Interstate 15 (LA – Barstow) NEW!
Interstate 40 (Barstow – Border) NEW!
Interstate 10 (LA)
US101 near I-5. NEW!
Interstate 5 (Carlsbad – San Diego) NEW!
Downtown Freeway (LA)
Improvements on CA76 and CA1. NEW!
Realistic raised reflection markers on many roads NEW!
Several road object fixes and other bugs fixed. NEW!



28 thoughts on “Realistic California Highways v1.1

  1. Thank you for the fixes.

  2. Thanks for the update .

  3. Thanks for this update, is better, but not compatible with Mexico :(

  4. Does this work with Canadream and Coast to Coast? just wondering for new version. Thanks

    1. Yes It does put it on the 5th mod
      3.Coast To Coast Patch 4
      4.Coast to Coast Beta
      5.Realistic Californian Highways

  5. roads are super messed up once you pass Carlsbad south on the 5 with signs and barriers in the road and at one point the road becomes a single lane but I’ll check later on to see if there are more problems

  6. Yes It does put it on the 5th mod
    3.Coast To Coast Patch 4
    4.Coast to Coast Beta
    5.Realistic Californian Highways

  7. There is an invisible wall beside the Escondido Poway sign in San Diego.

  8. stoked_dude

    Please inform me what mods you use when you are running into the Carlsbad issue. I think that Mexican maps are not compatible with this mod.

  9. just the maps and a realistic environment 2.0 and thin in that order and i’ve looked to see 1st before I talk but it could be possible its the mesxican map

    3.Coast To Coast Patch 4
    4.Coast to Coast Beta
    5.Realistic Californian Highway

  10. I do believe it is the Mexico map as it is so close to San Diego an this mod changes quite much in San Diego.

  11. I had a San Diego Improvement map and it did the same thing to the map but only worse I couldn’t drive past Carlsbad at all! So in that part of the game you might have to work around that area on his map since his mod changes the map in that area

  12. The crazy part of all that is that I use to live in San Diego and all that area would have been great if his mod did alternate so much, but if you can change his mod in that area and make it compatible with his then it’s all gravey and a bag of chips! It’s possible the same thing can happen in Hornbrook and Las Vegas as they are tied to the Coast to Coast Mod. Like Since I now live in Las vegas It would be fantastic to see Las Vegas red-done because right now its ugly ### hell lol

    1. @ red eye – I didn’t noice any changes in Vegas due to C2C…

      1. @ Vegas I never said there were any changes from c2c

  13. Took Canadream out runs great to me thats the conflict.

  14. Los Angeles mellett Charged hibás!

  15. Stoked_dude


  16. I took screen shots of the problem on Interstate 5 at Carlsbad, but, do not see how to upload them to this comment. Going north the road suddenly is raised several feet above the other, and, it is a reflective blue. You can bypass it by taking the offramp just before and going around, although there is evidence of the problem even there. I tried going past, then getting back on going south. There was no problem going that direction. Weird. My maps are:

    Viva Mexico
    Coast to Coast re-scale Beta
    Realistic California Highways
    Interstate 80 Improvements

    These are all the latest versions. I’ve tried various priorities but it makes no difference. Hope this helps in correcting the problem.

  17. David A King

    I found a problem south of Carlsbad but did not see a city name.

    1. stoked_dude

      That is caused by mod conflict.

      1. Found an uh oh and 46% damage to my Jeep

        1. stoked_dude

          Caused by CanaDream or Viva Mexico. Set RCH to a lower priority or disable Mexican mods and you should be fine. You can also take the highway ramps to avoid this section.

          1. or you could fix your map. I have it set at the bottom of the list like everyone else. took canadream out and problem still there , do not use mexico map hate it. The problem is in your map.

        2. the highway ramps have same problem except huge ramp between sections. Since I have been a tester in the past I put your mod in a test profile with no other map mods with it and the problem is still there. The problem is a mismatch somewhere between your mod and main map. Only trying to help you have a great map and report problems as others have.

          1. It’s hard for me to fix a problem I don’t even encounter.

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