MHAPro Map v 1.5

MHAPro ATS 1.5 (support version Compatible with 1.5.x Steam and higher):
1. Overlook places (look pictures in RAR document)
2. Jackpot city – overlook
– company mha_constr
– company roadwork_mha
3. new look road 93
– new gas station
4. Wells city – back from my old map
– company wal_food_mkt
– company gal_oil_gst
– company service mha
5. Battle Mountain – back from my old map
– company roadwork
– company Rcic
6. connected B.Mountain – Winnemucca with new road
7. overlook whole road 95
8. McDermit – back from my old map
– company MHA service
– company MHA constr
9. Reno – overlook
– company MHA service
– company Burgerking
10.Redding – overlook
– company MHA service
11. overlook road 299
– new gas station
12. Eureka – overlook
– company rcic
13. new company FoodService (underground) in MOD
14. Laytonville city – back from my old map
– company MHA service
– company wal_food_mkt
– company underground FoodService
15. new signs for highways in game MOD
16. overlook road CA 101
17. overlook San Rafael
– company MHA Service
18. overlook S.Francisco
19. overlook highway US 580
20. overlook highway US 80
21. overlook highway US 5
22. many new parking places
23. overlook road 58
24. overlook road 198
25. Winemucca – overlook
– company Burgerking
26. Elko – overlook
27. Stockton – overlook
28. Oakdale – overlook
29. overlook highway 99
30. overlook highway 15
31. Primm – overlook
– company MHA service
32. overlook highway 95
33. overlook highway 5 from north to L.Angeles
34. overlook highway 101
35. Oxnard – overlook
36. Santa Maria – overlook
– company MHA Service
37. overlook highway 58
38. overlook highway + road 395
– some new parking places
39. Sacramento – overlook
– company Ikea
– company MHA Service
40. Bakersfield – overlook
– company Ikea
– company MHA Constr
– company Premiere
– company MHA Service
– company Mc Donalds
– company Road work
41. fixed many small and big SCS mistakes

Heavy Alex


18 thoughts on “MHAPro Map v 1.5

  1. rene nate

    is it compatible with other maps????

    1. No, other map makers have to make a compatibility fix first.

    2. Yes it is, it’s compatible with Viva Mexico.

  2. Alexandre Lebrun

    Compatibl of Coast to coast and viva mexico ? and canadream ?

    1. No, other map makers have to make a compatibility fix first.

  3. Yes everyone, any map mod creator will need to make some sort of patch to make it compatible. I am waiting for Mandrid of C2C to make a patch so MHA & C2C can work together.

  4. Isn’t it great how EVERYONE ELSE is expected to do compatibility mods?


    1. Yup.

  5. Great map mod love all the improvements to the roads and everything as I have done a couple of loads in a new profile. tbh I don’t really mind it not being compatible with c2c or any of the other maps mainly because I want the detail not necessarily concerned about the size.

  6. Peterbilt Singh

    Please add Salinas in the next version because its one of the places where many loads and cargo comes from in real life trucking.

  7. Chickenlights&Chrome

    Yeah really.

  8. Wonder if you fixed all the #### SCS screwed up with this time wasting re-scale they did.

    1. Ken Macelmon

      you know what most people like the rescale but of course there has to be a whiner on every post

    2. GO play need for speed if you are not happy kiddo

    3. Stephen Butler

      I think the re-scale is a fabulous job. There is nothing wrong with it, it looks great, and it was neither time-wasting or a screw-up. I’m not sure what universe you are living on, but on ours SCS did a great job and it is very much appreciated. Yes, the mod makers have to constantly adapt, but that is what makes the mods so good, as well as the game itself – improvements. It makes the game exciting and gives you something to look forward to, and as for the mod-makers themselves, they learn a great deal about 3-D model making and its associated necessities, and that can be very useful to them in the future.

  9. Does+it+with+real+California+roads?+An+how+do+i+get+this+mod????

  10. Gary Forsythe

    I went through all of the hassle with PayPal so I could get the paid version of the map. In the end I still got the free version. Maybe I’m just too old and ###### I guess.

  11. Wonder if you could upload your mods to sites that are NOT infested with Spyware and Malware? Would love to use your map mods, and its a shame your hard work is going to such waste, but so long as you continue to only allow uploads from shady sites infected with known malware and bloatware, no dice.

    You do good work. Could you please make it available from reputable sites?

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