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Realistic 3D ASMR Rain Fog Thunder v 1.0

Date 2016-03-06 09:47


3D Realistic Rain Mod v1

– New HQ Rain Blobs
– 3D Rain Sound Effect
– New Wipers Sound Effect
– Realistic Thunder Sound Effect
– New Street Lamp Color
– Realistic Fog

Author: SmhKzl


Comments (4)

4 Responses to Realistic 3D ASMR Rain Fog Thunder v 1.0

  1. code3response

    Amazing mod thank you for your quality work!

  2. Joaquín

    Good mod bro, it’s amazing!

  3. marcaraya

    Hi, first let me say that your mod is amazing the thing is due to a mod that adds new engines with it own sound I can´t hear the rain neither the thunders in the interior camera. (sorry if there is a mistake, im learning the language)
    Can you make your mod a little louder? or add an option to make it louder?

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