Mulyiplayer Ready T680 Hybrid Pack

T680-Hybrid-Pack-1 T680-Hybrid-Pack-2 T680-Hybrid-Pack-3

This pack contains 7 configurations of the T680 in 6 different colors using parts from the W900 and 579, ready to be used in Multiplayer. Every truck has the W900 bumper, 579 grill guard/stacks and the 625 Cat motor/13 speed transmission.
DO NOT CUSTOMIZE, This will reset all the parts.
Once downloaded, find the configuration you want, then the color. Add file (or all files) to your mod folder, but activate ONLY 1. Run in single player, buy the truck in the dealer, [Again, do not customize, this will reset the changes] Save your game, then run in Multiplayer to have a custom truck that isn’t a W900!

Authors: SCS, Tneggs[Kansas]


5 thoughts on “Mulyiplayer Ready T680 Hybrid Pack

  1. Coma White

    And why are the stacks running up the side of the sleeper?

    Custom yes, cool custom? No.

    Thanks for the effort tho.

    1. Tneggs[Kansas]

      For multiplayer I can only move files around, and that is where the stacks landed as opposed to between the cab and sleeper, but I kinda liked that look and is what I use on my 579 to make it stand out more. If you would like, I could release another version with the stacks in the proper placement behind the sleeper. Just let me know.

  2. ### is this?

  3. I hate Hybrids. I mean Fuel system with Electrical fuel system. Hybrids means it runs on two kinds of fuel. it could be diesel with water or diesel with electrical battery diesel with air (thats the future) But I hate Diesel / Petrol with Electrical, coz most of them are ugly shaped which those are too aerodynamic/ has no sound. I wanna hear the engine and the smile them far away like ww2 vehicles and oldtimers.

  4. Tneggs[Kansas]

    lol Trucker_Bob, on the Multiplayer Forums Hybrid is the term used for 2 trucks mixed together, like a Renault with a Scania 730 hp motor/a DAF cab on a Mercedes chassis/a Kenworth T680 using W900 parts like this here, sorry for the confusion.

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