Winter Mod v 1.0

Winter-3 Winter-2 Winter-1

– Snowy Textures
– New Street Lamp Color
– Winter Time
– Cabin AirConditioning and Snow Sound
– New HDR
– Realistic Fog

– HDR on
– Rain Probability Full

Author: SmhKzl


31 thoughts on “Winter Mod v 1.0

  1. Trucker_bob

    what is this some sort of joke?

    1. Even in California and Nevada there may be short-lived snow. You moron.

    2. @Trucker_bob you are one of the biggest morons that lived.

  2. хрень полная.молния от куда то взялась зимой.дорога мокрая как от дождя.снежных частиц из под колес нету.ЕРУНДА А НИ МОД.

  3. This looks kinda neat. Are there any changes to traction on the road because of the snow?

  4. olescania

    Was wondering the same thing Trucker_bob. winter mod for a game whose current setting is California n’ Neveda, soon to include Arizona. Don’t recall I ever saw snow running those states, but I think I-80’s Donner Pass would be interesting in heavy snow (Lord knows it’s occassionally hell in reality). If only “the Donner” was represented better in the game, that could be fun!

    1. You are all a load of big ignorant fools, with no geographical knowledge between you. There is a fcking SnoBowl in Elko in real life, plus they are only a few hundred miles West of Salt Lake City, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002, you assholes.
      So, you’ve never seen snow in Nevada before have you, well, whoopdewhoooo, it does exist you eejits, just open your eyes and you’ll see it, Dumb fckrs who don’t know jacksh1t about anywhere from their own homes.

      1. “Few hundred miles” – that says U are moron. I live a 200km, what is…125 miles form Alps and, when in it is -13Fh, in My area is 26 – 34Fh and no other snow. Few hundred miles is really much in geographical scale, ignorant.

      2. Slick Demetrius

        I know what you mean Sid. These complainers flap their gums and show their ignorance over and over again. People, it’s not just how close you are to the north, there are many factors that bring snow to the south, including Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico and California. Jet stream and elevation are just two.
        Seriously, look it up and perhaps you will think twice before complaining in the future….but I doubt it.

      3. Exactly from Elko to Salt Lake City is 230 miles, what gives almost 400km. 400km is twice more what I have to Alps U #####! And what is more funny…If U from Elko going to West than…U never get to Salt Lake City. And U call others ignorants or assholes. What are U? A one of typical ignorant amerikan kid! So..shut up.

  5. Thinking forward to Rocky Mountains, East Coast and Canada …

  6. this mod is made for future expansions of other states I guess…beautifully done

  7. TomFoolery

    Please, learn your geography before complaining. I live in CA, and make frequent trips to northern CA as well as the Tahoe/Reno area. LOTS of snow. Hell, I live about 30 minutes east of SF, and there is sometimes snow just a bit south. Yeah, this is a little overdone, but it’s still plausible.

  8. scania_dragon

    Winter ? in nevada ? No thanks!

    1. Nevada in spanish means “snow storm” lol

  9. sorry for double post…site would not load on first attempt

  10. Wow guys soooo much abuse , why not just enjoy the mod for what it is … driving in different conditions….. its a MOD !!!. Be thankful we have modders prepared to put out what THEY MAKE for your FREE entertainment . If you dont like or disagree with the mod ….uninstall , BUT DONT RUIN IT FOR OTHERS WHO DONT CARE FOR AUTHENTICITY .

    Thankyou to this Modder for sharing HIS WORK

  11. Thanks for the awesome mod… It gives the game a great deal of atmosphere and it looks fantastic.

  12. @Jimbo I couldn’t agree more, dude.
    And after all, it’s a game ! Not reality.

    Thank you SmhKzl for your work !
    Much appreciated.

  13. Thanks Smhkzl for this mod.. Do this mod have slippery effects and physics forfor snow ??

  14. excellent mod thanks adds something different and can obviously be turned off when you want some sunshine :)

  15. ###… this is a game. We are the God of the game. can it snowfall, can it meteor and more.. Note that this is a game. Thanks

    Sorry for bad english

    1. thank you so much for your mod :) it looks awesome :D of course for now we have to imagine its not california in our head and RP its somewhere else… or caifornia in 20 years from now where in canada well have california temperature -__- lol X_X but yeah, beautifull mod :) nicely done ;)

  16. USA have 4 season weather…, winter, spring, summer and autumn,

    Winter has colder weather, snow in the northern regions, hibernation of many plants and animals.

    So…, not only Europe have a winter season…, but USA in the northern region have too.

    Sorry for bad english.

  17. Horror_LP

    Well, great mod! I do like winter in all Countrys. But as somebody else said, Snow in Nevada? No Thanks!, I don’t want to install this mod. For me Nevada is just a state with squarekilometers of desert and heat.


    And yes, I know that snow is possible in Nevada.

    1. BludHound

      Snow from Nevada is how 90% of California gets it’s water.

  18. BludHound

    As someone who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, I think that this mod is pretty awesome, despite how unrealistic it is. There is no need to spew so much hate over someones hard work. If you don’t like it, don’t bother downloading it.

  19. robert wortman

    Where can i find the HDR settings?

  20. Sam Viper

    This is the best winter awesome mod. And it’s great fun to ride on the slippery roads.

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