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hello everyone! i have finally finished working on the classic ive been working on for weeks now and now its ready to be released, in this mod there are about 6 folders which contain a rim pack (a different one not the one from steam),a lights pack,a sound fix pack for ATS (if you havent gotten one), 2 flatbeds and 2 versions of the freightliner classic! both freightliner classic folders are the similar but only difference is that 1 is a version with a single shift stick and one does not contain the single shift stick, in this case it contains a twin stick shift. i hope you enjoy the mod! if any issues occur, contact me on instagram @ats_randy_man_ stay safe yall!

the key to the mod (incase it asks for a decryption key) – Ti5mMRmXBOvX7gCeIiwi9SpDewxCMa8JteDSamcD3Kg

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9 thoughts on “randy man

  1. I want to know if this accessory is for the Classic XL tractor or the FLC made by XBS?

    1. randy-man

      its not a accessory pack, its a whole truck so you’d need to export the whole folder, either the single stick shift or the twin stick shift folder into your mods folder

  2. Thanks for the reply, I get it!

  3. Admin send my Video!!! thank you!

  4. Rubber Duck 64

    link not available!

  5. pescadito70

    enlace no disponible

  6. Can we have a updated link please. Because this looks like a really awsome truck.

  7. el archivo ya no sale para descargar en mega
    lo eliminaron

  8. demonicdrake74

    dead link , file no longer exists …….. either fix it or remove it

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