Mack Pinnacle updated to 1.38

The Mack Pinnacle updated to 1.38. This is one of my favorite mods; I’ve kept it updated ever since the author let it go, and I’ve added an accessory or two. Many have asked for copies and I’m happy to share. However, be advised that it’s an old mod and really needs an overhaul. It works fine for me so that’s all that really matters.
No window animation, but FMOD sounds are there. Thank you Robinicus for the awesome engine sounds.

Robinicus, KeithD


6 thoughts on “Mack Pinnacle updated to 1.38

  1. WolfGuy100

    Game crashed when selecting the cabin, please fix.

  2. #### Mohatt

    Great job like the truck. One question, is there a way to reposition the in truck GPS when you add it on through the upgrades. In that lower left corner it is directly in from of the fender mirrors if you use them. No biggie just wondering.

  3. Don’t DL from Mega…only Sharemods…I’ll pass

  4. It’s not for 1.38 because game crashes when I try to buy it. Another question, why it is not in Mack dealer?

  5. Hi
    talk to this guy, meaby he can help :)

  6. speedometer and tachometer are impossible to read because their green

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