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MAN TGX in ATS 1.38

Date 2020-09-14 09:43

You can buy from Peterbilt dealer
Multiple chassis
-Own engines
-Own transmissions
-Some painting
-Support Accessories Toys DLC
-Support window animation
-Support LED Marker lights

Update 1.2:
– redesigned to work on patch 1.38
– added glass pendant
– updated sound

SCS, OveRTRucK, vasja555


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7 Responses to MAN TGX in ATS 1.38

  1. Michael

    Should I place the files (def, ui, vehicle etc…) in my mod folder?

  2. Hennessy

    Yes! Because it got extracted out of the scs file. Just create a new folder copy and paste the files (automat, def, ui, vehicle, manifest, thumbnail jpeg, mod description) on to that folder, then it works.

  3. Koldo

    It’s a joke? it says it’s the MAN for ATS 1.38 and the video is from ETS2. (

  4. Daniel

    Nice mod really works at ATS 1.38

  5. Elisha

    @Koldo why don’t you download the mod and find out if its working or not….

  6. DuendeSama .

    Me funciona al 99% el unico inconveniente es que no tengo sonido de motor ni escape. solo del aire al hacer cambios de ahi para alla funciona nitido. saben si se puede hacer algo?

  7. aaa

    no sound for me

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