9 thoughts on “No Damage & Increased Speed Limit

  1. whats the point here…I like to play the game as realistic as I can…with damage and pay all my fines and tickets and no money cheats..thats the way the game should be played otherwise its totally useless and boreing

    1. for ever simualtor game is boreing :D khudate azyat nakon golam : )

  2. How much do you need to stop moding -.-

    1. i can help u if u poor : )
      بچه کونی

  3. he must be one of those retarded gamer’s who like to cheats because it’s to hard for them hahaha..LOL

  4. your the ###### you terd

  5. not you BahamutX…wrong post

  6. Obviously this mod and allot more mods here and at the many other sites are for those who do what that extra advantage or cheat. So this mod is intended for them and not you guys.

  7. do not download this mod it does not work

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