Peterbilt 386 Update


Peterbilt 386 Update
– Fixed Dashboard
– New Engines
– Fixed Bug In Tuning Parts
– Fast Jobs
– Template
– Standalone
– Peterbilt Dealer
– Interior
– Sounds
– Tuning


rus47tam, Stels, vovangt4


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14 thoughts on “Peterbilt 386 Update

    1. scania_dragon

      A nice model!
      But in this video I doesn’t see engines with more than 550 hp. My wish is, that you add a few engines til 750 hp. 600, 650, 700, 750 would be great.
      A few more chassis: 6×4 midlift and taglift and add-ons for lights and horns also could be added please.
      @mr. germantruck: thanks for all your effort with testing all the fine trucks!

      1. Because in real life you can’t buy ANY normal truck with engine with more power than 600 HP, this truck I think has max. 485 HP

        And it isn’t his mod

        1. scania_dragon

          The 2015’s series have 500 hp. Older series are lower. 485, 450, 430 and so on. Seen on an auctioneers-site.

  1. One question, will you ever add this orginal steeringwheel?
    Wouldnt mind a few more choises for the dash either (plastic, other wood like the pic, etc…) Just some sugestions if you feel like adding more :)

  2. The interior is from Peterbilt 389, I don’t know why author of this mod didn’t take the interior from Pete 387

    1. Quattrophobia

      because the peterbilt 386, shares the 389 interior in real life. The 386 is a almost a 389 with a different body, so the 387 interior would in fact be wrong

  3. Fix the Interior so it match outside view. Also, the truck needs about 5cm lower chassis at front to match RL.

  4. Video: ATS MODS: Peterbilt 386 Update (American Truck Simulator)

  5. any chance this truck could be put up for Ets 2 could do with the updated truck

  6. Truck Sim Mods

    Original’s Mod- Rev.—>>>

  7. Просто тупой перезалив!!!

  8. Not bad, but this truck needs to be less bright, and corrected anims inside the cab (rpm meter, speedometer).

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