47 thoughts on “Volvo F10 8×4 Heavy Transporter

  1. Trucker_bob

    *facepalm* …. dude… Eu trucks arent used and not gonna be used in the USA! … dude delete this ####. put this in ETS2 not in ATS!

    1. What a jolly fellow you are! Don’t be so butthurt about EU trucks and let people enjoy them.. I for one love to drive EU trucks in ATS every now and then.

      1. Almantov Kharinvtsjenco

        Well turcker bob is right, dont be bitchy! U just the one who doesnt think realistic, only thinking to what someother people like, thence the reason you guys wasting money to poor country’s are democratic!

        1. Talking about videogames as if they are reality… If you want the truth, get your ### out of bed every morning at 3 am to drive real trucks. I’m done with that #### so i drive my trucks where, when, and the way i want too now. If you can’t be happy for others you’ll stay that sour little #### you are now forever, just saying.

    2. @ Trucker_bob then do not add it your game you bell sniffing moron

      1. Almantov Kharinvtsjenco

        ah… people who like to using name coz their weak. too sad.

      2. Trucker_bob

        PETE JUST STFU go play with your dolls

    3. neither are american trucks in ets2, why didnt you whine to all the creators of american mods in ets2 telling them to remove it? if people can mod american trucks into ets2, then they can mod euro trucks into ats

    4. wafflesaur

      you know there are a #### load of american trucks in ets2 too…

    5. trol we used a lot of US trucks in EU, no problem. why EU trucks in US is problem ? it’s just a game

  2. hanskazan

    This makes me sad. If u were smart, You uploaded A American Truck.. not this ####.

    1. if people can upload american trucks in ets2 then why not euro trucks in ats?

    2. IdiotPolice

      That makes me sad, if you were smart; you would write “an American truck”, not “A American Truck”. Leave the mod author alone, if you’re not happy with it then don’t click on it, don’t whine about the author not being smart when you can’t even use proper grammar.

      Dear mod author(s), great looking mod, can’t wait to try it :)

  3. if you do not like something then do not add it in your game or click on it you Muppet’s why are people like Trucker_bob and co so dam thick

    1. Trucker_bob


      1. Serieus? Je bent een Nederlander, trucker_bob? Wat zit je te huilen om mensen die iets anders willen dan jij? Ik rij ook alleen us trucks in ats, ik begrijp je punt maar wat heeft jou (of mijn punt) te maken met andere hun mening. Dan kan je boos worden op iemand die je uit schold, maar je begint zelf met je mening op te dringen. Kinderachtig kut ventje ben je

  4. QuaTTroDeSigN

    the only flat face trucks that are US is the Freightliner and Kenworth therefore removes me that Volvo has nothing to do here

    1. Mark Cooper

      Try googling Robert transport, they have Volvo FH. Both Kenworth and Pete use DAF cabovers for City trucks. You guys are same people that brought US trucks into ETS2, Get over yourselves. Hypocrites.

      1. Johnny Rotten

        American trucks are DRIVEN in Europe, and have been since the 1970s, Scandinavian and European trucks are not seen in California, why is that so difficult to understand.

    2. Trucker_bob

      jup, u got it right

    3. Well, if u ppl didnt know, there are many EU trucks in America, even old ones like that FH, old and new Scania trucks, but probably u never payed much atention

  5. You crybabies need to stop being all butthurt about European trucks being put into the game. Let people use what they want to use..who gives a #### as it DOES NOT EFFECT YOU one bit. Don’t like it, then don’t look at it or download it…not that hard to comprehend.
    So shut your mouths and just let people have fun with what they choose to..especially you @Trucker_bob

    1. Almantov Kharinvtsjenco

      pfff. u cant even speak as an adult.. so sad.

  6. Trucker_bob and co are little babies who cry and are to dumb tip for you morons you dont need to add them in your game you bell sniffers

  7. @ Trucker_bob and co you do not have to add them to your games so why act so dumb if you do not like something do not add download or click on it to waste people’s time why are people so dumb these days

  8. if ye European truck play ETS 2, ATS is another game and wants its own trucks,ets 2 the truck has russian and I wish I did not see them in ats.

  9. fuzzimuzzi

    We had american trucks in ets2 so why not the other way round? If you don’t like the idea of it then don’t download. ###### alert.

    1. Almantov Kharinvtsjenco

      or command, vandäla Esjtbotkiko

  10. Bl@ckWolf

    Video: ATS Mods: Volvo F10 8×4 Heavy Transporter (American Truck Simulator

  11. It is like seeing in Mexico to wear hats German

  12. scania_dragon

    I think ATS and ETS2 are not alone different countries on different continents but rather different traffic-cultures. So modders should release only american trucks for ATS and only european trucks for ETS2. I don’t know really wether european truck-models in the real american traffic appearing or not. But I know that american trucks are not appearing in german (for example) traffic. I hope that I not make a fool of myself.

    1. so what the heck – i have no f*** idea what you guys want. As stated various times: if you don’t like it, don’t download it and don’t add it to your game. So i wonder why there are so many american trucks out there for ETS2. Also in ETS2 there are loads of maps for Brasil or Asia. for ETS2. Any correlation to Europe?

      This game is to enjoy rides with a truck same as ETS – regardless where and which brand of truck.

      So all shut up and stop complaining having european trucks in there. Next step you ###### want to forbid female drivers possibly.

      So ask your self if you’re objective for different oppinions

    2. Trucker_bob

      Well.. guess your the only one (also not a kid) with brains and says also what I said. Thanks, these kids… doesnt know what the differents is.. and they are’nt even a trucker at all. Me as a trucker just wanna command, These kids.. too low. Thanks russian guys.. but u I dont need help, i can do it on my own. but thanks again. Dont know what to say like kids like @pete , Even if his gonna replay like : I’m not a kid!” well … ur acting like so.. This is my last replay even though

  13. Why not ?????
    ATS just a game ! Just truck simulator !!!
    And we like to use all off the trucks in games,ats or ets not matter !
    We had American trucks in ets2 !!!

  14. Dave Lacey

    If American trucks are good enough for ETS2, then European Trucks are good enough for ATS.
    It’s a GAME, for crying out loud!!!!

  15. Mr. Greatful

    here we go again!!!!

    sorry but i agree with trucker Bob

    if i want to drive euro trucks ( witch i like) i will play ets2.

    with that said kids!!!!

    if ATS was released at same time ETS was released u would not see both trucks played in opposite games….
    only reason american trucks made it to ETS was that there has not been a american truck game worth playing or modding since 18 wos hauling. so only game at this time worth modding was ETS.

    Now the ###### part is since ATS release all american trucks came from ets2. forgive me but all old #### now, nothing new. we all hear time n time again is that people talk so much #### that modders don’t want to share thier new mods.

    so once again if u don’t like the mod don’t talk #### or download it…
    we who can not mod need to be thank ful that people n modders are still willing to share.. CASE CLOSED…………………

  16. Almantov Kharinvtsjenco

    ha, im glad u said also

  17. Almantov Kharinvtsjenco

    ha Trucker bob.. woaw.. lots of words. but yeah thats true. just let the kids way how you say.. let them be how they be..so sad they belonging to the society or propagate them. “Peace am out” how american shall say

  18. This comment section makes me just wanna sit here with popcorn and see how far it goes, if it wasn’t of the fact that like every comment is like “This truck doesn’t belong to US roads go kys” or similar.
    To be honest, nope and european truck doesn’t belong to the roads of United States in real life.
    However, this is a mod, right? Then why do people complain? If you don’t like this mod, just ignore it then instead of hating on someone just because it’s a mod that happens to include a truck which is not accepted on US roads in real life. And By The Way, ATS is a far far way from that “real” realistic feeling you have in real life when you drive a truck, so hey this is just a game, not really a “simulator”. :/

    I haven’t downloaded this mod nor tested it, so i can’t say ANYTHING about if this mod is good or not. However, please understand that this is a mod, nothing else, but just a mod for a game.

    1. I accidently f*cked up the first sentance, but i hope you guys still understands…

  19. Randy K Hudson

    sheesh guys, take it someplace else, this should be about the truck, not a rage forum.

  20. i use the same truck in both ETS2 and ATS …(the Peterbilt 389) …….for information sake and some of you will already be aware of this is US trucks are now and again seen on the roads in and around Europe so its no big deal, if you want to play the game using a TCAB or your favorite volvo then go right ahead its your game and if modders make this available then shoot away :) its ATS always will be regardless of the engine your driving …….

  21. Trucker bob kanker naab hang jezelf op

  22. Mr Nobody

    If you want to drive a European truck go play ETS2

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