Kenworth K100 fixed by Solaris36

Kenworth-K100-2 Kenworth-K100-1 Kenworth-K100-3

Kenworth dealership (obviously).
Fully standalone (no more ETS2 files).
Fixed shadows.
Added missing wheel particles.
Fixed wheel index.
Delete all interior stuff…
All rims and tires O.K.
Insufficient buffer issue repaired.
Added missing cabin locator.
Fixed collisions.
Fixed missing lights.
Added to truck explorer.
Metallic paints.
Quick jobs corrected.
Main window fixed.
Added missing sounds.
More engines & sounds.
Innecesary files deleted.
Skins collection.
Accessories in next version….

Clean Gamelog!!

Models: 4×2 Super Short, 6×4 Standard, 6×4 Aerodyne, 6×4 Super Long.

Tested on 1.00.4s version


Credits: Ivan, Ols, AU44, Oleg_Conte, Darklorrd, Rus47tam, V4sil3, BoomStas556, Dmitry68, SCS, Henki73, Waggi74, Pauke2004, Vitalik062, Scaniamatteo. Skins by: Skiner (3), Pauly, Richthofen20, BrianC, Darkside220, [JNR-SNR] Senior, Bobbo662 (4), Andybb3, Jet (3), Rondo. THANK YOU ALL FOR CREATE AND UPGRADE THIS AWESOME MODEL!!!


38 thoughts on “Kenworth K100 fixed by Solaris36

  1. Thank you Solaris ! Great job bro!

  2. Bl@ckWolf

    Video: ATS MODS: Kenworth K100 fixed by Solaris36 (American Truck Simulator)

  3. Thx. Dude. Will try qickly !

  4. and what about folders def\vehicle\f_wheel & def\vehicle\w_wheel? mayde it need to delete? it’s from old ETS2 versions

    1. o… not w, r_wheel :)

      1. solaris36

        Thanks for the info. :-)

        1. solaris36


  5. You should fix this:

    [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/kenworth_k100/parts.tobj” in the read_only mode
    [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/kenworth_k100/chrome_parts.tobj” in the read_only mode

    1. solaris36

      Wich part makes this error?

      1. solaris36

        Yes, I see.
        Horn and beacon.
        I will fix this ASAP.
        Thank U. :-)

        1. You’re welcome. And if you look, the second point (the right) on the roof for horn/beacon is also missing. Looks terrible with only one horn or light above ;)

          1. solaris36

            Fixed! :-)

    1. solaris36

      This video isn’t my edit.
      It’s edit from another modder.

  6. you’re better to fix the horn attachment in nomal cab…. there should be two places to attach the horns in the roof…

    1. solaris36

      Fixed!! :-)

  7. very good truck, I however I wanted better interior.

    1. solaris36

      Interior with few accessories in progress… :-)

  8. Thanks a lot, but why did you have to remove some tuning parts like exhausts and deflectors?

    Also,could we get a real,unpimped version of this truck?like how the real thing is, both outside and inside.You did cleane it up a bit but there’s still a LOT of bling. And it really needs better sounds too.


    1. solaris36

      I will see to add more exhaust options. Thank you for ur comment. :-)

  9. Говно!!!

    1. solaris36

      El coño tu prima si que es mierda.

  10. Red horns for me. And the standard cabin is very dark.

    1. I mean textures inside the standard cab.

      1. solaris36

        Red horns fixed. Next version soon. :-)

  11. Dashboard did it the best and brightest

  12. Hey solaris, for some odd reason, I can only use the default tires, because, if I try to select other wheels mods (Like Real Tires Mod & Real Tires Winter Pack for example), the game crashes. All other trucks run fine with it.
    According to what the log says, its “Missing or icompatible”.
    Also, could you add an Info Panel to the cabin as an optional accesory (gear, speed, cruise control and such)?. It helps me a lot since i don’t have a wheel, so I have to relay on the cc and sometimes its hard to notice if its on or not. Totally love the mod tho!.-

    1. solaris36

      Problem solved on next version…soon. :-)

  13. finally this great mod without the annoying passenger and arms in the interior, thanks solaris

  14. Code3response

    Why when I go to start the truck from in the cab all the textures go into super contrast and are blinding?

  15. Are you working on making the Jake Brake a bit weaker & giving it a sound? Because that’s the single thing killing this mod for me. :(

  16. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps Video:

    1. solaris36

      I think it’s a mod conflicts.
      I don’t use new flares, except the green light on sunshield
      Try to run this mod alone or deactivate other mods, specially lights or flares mod.

  17. Eagle_Eye

    Awesome, only comment I can make is that the red and green lights on the side of the cab are around the wrong way. Red is left, Green is Right… :)

  18. Thanks Solaris for the truck
    However a few remarks :
    1/Update engine brake def to new format (“engine_brake[]: eb.” and “eb.”)
    2/Replace engine brake cat3406E ogg file with cat3406 ogg (it sound much better-got it in Henki’s mod)
    3/ The best sound would be of course from Kriechbaum T800 Cat15
    4/ How about a shorter wheelbase chassis for the Aerodyne (existed for real)

    1. solaris36

      Thanks. I note for next version. :-)

  19. solaris36

    This file will be deleted 03/03/2016

    Last version can be downloaded from:

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