Peterbilt 379 Update


Peterbilt 379 Updated for

The only thing it doesn’t have is custom wheels.

Ivan, Tim, John, the Mars 812, Coalminer, Stas556, Mishanya, Fox071rus, Dmitry68, knox_xss, Chris, Classick, Kriechbaum, skiner Adaptation in ATS: Regwiem Update: Michael Shkut


17 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379 Update

  1. fake… nothing update in this mod

    1. James Lyle

      He meant he got it working on ATS 1.2 you dickhead.

      1. I don’t understand why people have been such ####’s to people that update/make mods for the game. I have to say it is getting old.

        1. Nascar_Perry

          Mostly it’s because they were not taught any manners or respect growing up.

          Next time, READ the description carefully “Updated for” Meaning it WORKS on the Beta ATS where as it didn’t before. Learn to have respect for all the hard work that modders do for this game. If you have doubts, “Aks Questions” like “I’m confused, what is updated or changed.”

          This should go for everyone who disrespects or slams modders, have a little respect. It takes a lot of work to do these mods, update them, tweak them and collaborate with other people who are helping to work on the mod with them at times. Sometimes it doesn’t go the way the modder intended it to go, but hey, we are ALL human and none of us are perfect at what we do. So please show respect, otherwise we modders, could just stop doing what we do and wait for SCS to release updates.

          Yes consider it I am upset to read yet another comment flaming someone who is contributing.

  2. Well to be fair the author said he removed the wheels that it originally came with. But unfortunately the tires are now fixed to the chassis and cannot be changed from what I can see. Maybe you guys can look too to make sure?

    1. Demetrius M

      Lucasi_ , you show a complete lack of respect toward another modder when you write comments like that, total lack of class. You can take your mod and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    2. KastaRules

      The 389 by Viper2 is probably the best truck ever made in terms of customization, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need any other truck.

      Personally I find the 379 has got one of the best cockpits.

      Thanks to the authors(s) !!!

  3. Works great.
    Thanks for the update to v.!

  4. Great mod though, some how its’ 5th camera works incorrectly

  5. Yes Viper’s pete is awesome but it’s doesn’t have the 379 interior. I wish more trucks get updated for 1.2.x

  6. BlindGuardian


  7. Will this work with the 389?

  8. Can’t find it in showroom

  9. Need more engine option and transmission options. Preferably the engines and transmissions from the 389 from Viper. other than that i love it.

  10. it crashes my game everytime i try to buy in at the dealership….and i really want this mod…..what should i do?

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