International Prostar v 1.2


International Prostar
– Self-contained;
– Three variants of the cabin;
– Its interior;
– Made on the basis of Kenworth trucks;
– Painted;
– A bit of tuning;
– Buy in the showroom Volvo is San Francisco.

Fixed: in 1.2

– Removed a lot of unnecessary. (about 100 MB)
– Removed the second set of wipers
– removed the buttons in the cabin
– added side skirts
– changed textures in the cabin.
– still something on a trifle.

SCS, franck, Dominique. mc40in, TruckerStas (Classick)


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12 thoughts on “International Prostar v 1.2

  1. I’ll do my best to write a fact-based review before the usual bunch of haters shows up… it’s still far from perfect, but has gone a good step beyond v 1.1.

    1) What I like:
    – Choice to have a ProStar-lookalike
    – Author did serious efforts to enhance it
    – Choice of cabins, engines and transmissions
    – More side skirts (or lack thereof), some with APU
    – Interior looks good for a Kenny rework (can’t do wonders though)

    2) What should be further reworked:
    – since first version, decription is messed up: mid-roof cabin shows under “high roof” and vice versa
    – Conflict with Aradeth’s VNL670, since dealerships are either Navistar OR Volvo, depending on priority. Would appreciate if is was filed it under “Peterbilt” until SCS puts in more brands. Or at least release a “b” version for shared use of the VNL’s Volvo dealership.
    – non-metallic colors don’t work, stay white
    – cab windows are still too tall
    – chrome stripe on hood stands off a little on some view angles
    – KW bull bars don’t match (read: block) the fog lights’ height over ground
    – door handle customization is moot, options don’t do anything

    I didn’t drive it yet because of the Volvo conflict, these points are just from dealer customization.

  2. Road trucker

    Can you fix the sleeper to make it more like the prostar?

  3. Thanks! Looking forward to trying this out tonight.
    Keep up the good work

  4. Been as far as the dealer customization, but chose not to proceed to actual driving.

    Good: looks better than v1.1 and has more tuning options. Interior looks a little better.

    Not-so-good: Still conflicts with VNL670 in dealership. Non-metallic colors don’t work, truck stays white. Some details still off (window heights, chrome stripes on hood stand off, still mixed up cab descriptions mid-/low-roof. Bull bar blocks fog-lights.

    Looking forward to next beta, maybe it will be able to co-exist with Aradeth’s VNL. Thanks for the efforts anyway, you’re really making progress.

  5. I wish it didn’t conflict with the Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth it seems like a cool truck but hate the fact that I can’t use it with the VNL 670

  6. If you know how, you can correct the conflict by renaming the .sii file in the “def…truck_dealer (sub) folder. The conflict is happening because these two trucks have the same file name “volvo.volvo_vnl.sii” so rename it BUT make sure to back it (the truck)up first. I have both this and the 670 in place now, I can’t upload as it’s not my mod so maybe this will help. Disclaimer: Only do this if you know what your doing. I am not responsible for the actions of others. (feel free to copy this to other sites, just leave the full text intact, including name. (so people know who to yell at.)
    — MrNorm —

  7. Do you have a skin template?

  8. This is ####. Sorry, it just is. Too many things wrong with it. We need a built from scratch Prostar not some Kenworth J-Rigged remake.

  9. The only thing that i don’t like about this truck is the fact that the steering wheel and the gages don’t match the prostar…

  10. CodeisTyler


  11. Any possibility of having a template added to the file download so we can easily add our own graphics to the truck? Can’t seem to find a template for this truck at all

  12. Would+like+to+see+this+with+Falcon+Transport+(Ohio)+skin.+If+possible,+I+can+do+up+the+trailer+for+a+combo.+I+use+to+deliver+Staples+office+supplies+to+Falcon’s+terminal+in+Gary,+Indiana.

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