Peterbilt 387 New Sound v 2.0

Peterbilt-387-New-Sound-1 Peterbilt-387-New-Sound-3 Peterbilt-387-New-Sound-2

Adaptation of the tractor under the ATS with the following modifications:
– Added a new version of the instrument;
– Replaced the bonnet mirror;
– Dimensions of “Dot”, “Ovalius” and “Dot Line Style” Now create a small lighting around you;
– Neon lights of two colors;
– Indicator retarder;
– The sounds are replaced by default;
– Bortovik Kirilloid22 instead of the old and the alternative bortovik “Peterbilt387_Computer + clock.scs” clock in the archive with the mod;
– Small improvements for 3d models.
For tuning from the ETS elements connect “P387_tuning_from_ETS.scs”.

Upgrading to version

Changes / Additions:
– Removed the cab suspension
– Fixed mat painting
– New lights
– New gear stick
– Fixed bonnet mirror
– Added blinds in salon
– New slots for accessories in the cabin
– Other minor bug fixes
New changes:
– Replacing all the old sounds new to Peterbilt 387
– Added new sounds, engine and transmission (3406E, Cat15, Cummins, IXS, N14, PACCAR)
– Corrected GPS above to the left did not close the bonnet mirror
– Corrected the bumper (tuning – does not weigh in the air)

Test version: 1.2.h –

Authors: – External Model: – Ch_Vitalik – Further development of the external model, external tuning, Textures, Updated bortovik: – Kirilloid22 – Interior, Alteration textures foreign models, tuning, wheels, Animation – Gosh Motor – Author oreginala [Digateley, PPC and sound]: – Kriechbaum – All new residence [Digateley, CAT and Sound] under the Peterbilt 387, repair any errors found: – Vladimir1203


17 thoughts on “Peterbilt 387 New Sound v 2.0

  1. CumminsPowered

    Great Mod, But it Removes All The Peterbilt Dealerships From In Game

    1. Nate meadows

      your right. all peterbilt shops r not there. cant bye the truck. i so want to try it.

  2. Hello. Has this update optimized the truck fps like vln 670 aradeth or is it still fps dropping like peterbuilt 389 viper2 ?

    1. Welcome catalyst Many asked to replace it sounds Here are the changes that are introduced:
      – Replacing all the old sounds new to Peterbilt 387
      – New engine sounds and transmission (3406E, Cat15, Cummins, IXS, housing 14, PACCAR engines)
      – Fixed GPS and above the left does not close the mirror hood
      – Fixed a bumper (tuning – does not weigh in the air). Vostalnom everything remains as before

  3. This version of the truck vanishes the Peterbilt dealers in the game for me.
    The previous version worked just fine.

    1. Same here. I get no Peterbilt dealerships.

    2. Stavros to sell an old truck and then buy a new one! The difference in the replacement of old sounds and this could be you fly! 74000 km skated and no problems!

      1. Nope. Doesn’t work either, Vlad.

  4. A couple things, this one is over 1Gb is size, a lot larger then the other and this one is locked by PW, just wondering why? I’m using the first one for ver 1.2 and have no problem with it. Thx

  5. Man, this mod has potential. I was able to test it a little bit last year in ETS2 and loved it. Now that it’s finally out on ATS, I felt excited and I was going to make a video review on it, but when installing it makes all the Peterbilt Dealerships COMPLETELY VANISH…

    I hope you manage to polish all the bugs. Also, I’m curious as of why this mod is so heavy. 1GB?

  6. This version of the truck vanishes the Peterbilt dealers in the game for me.

  7. This mod need attention ASAP. The Peterbilt dealership completely disappears in the game. So if you could fix this that would be great.

  8. Jeremy Espeut

    any paint job mods i can use with this rig?

  9. renenate12


  10. My game crashes when I also pick up the truck at the dealership. Hope this can be fixed?

  11. Can you please update this mod for 1.5 please? Thank you kindly.

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