Peterbilt 379

The perfect starter truck? The legendary 379, but in horrible condition.

This is an old ETS2 mod, presumably based on the Rig n Roll 3d model.
I found this mod and put it into ATS, works without crashing.

However, I am not a modder, and some things need to be fixed by a member of the community:
– gauges turn black when lights are on
– no wheels in showroom
– European engines and gearboxes
– various errors and warnings in log

I truly think this is one of the lost great mods, good 3d model and unique textures, easy on the performance. It should be properly fixed and make its way into everyone’s virtual garage.


Weich-Lab NSK Oleg_Conte Stas556 BS1


10 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379

  1. Roadmaster93

    I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks awesome…Can you upload more Rig’n Roll trucks please?

  2. Roadmaster93

    I did no real testin yet but the only problems I see so far are that from a far distance the wheels are red (No Texture or smth. like that) and that it’s the only truck in traffic.
    I really hope that this will make it to a great, well known, must-have mod

  3. joshua braden

    i hope it can be fixed the pete 379 is my fav truck.

  4. bonjour tout le monde, bravo pour ce mod qui est très bien, voiçi les problèmes que je rencontre avec, 1: comme le dit Roadmaster93, il est le seul camion que l’ on vois dans la circulation, 2: le tableau de bord s’ éteind losque l’on allume les feux. En espérant que ces petits problèmes soit résolu, je vous souhaitent un bon jeu à tous.

  5. hello everyone, congratulations for this model which is very good, here are the problems I encounter with, 1: as Roadmaster93 says, it is the only truck we see in the traffic, 2: the dashboard goes out when we turn on the lights. Hopefully these little problems will be solved, I wish you all a good game.

  6. Glad you enjoy this truck as much as I do!
    I unfortunately cannot convert any truck myself; this work was done Oleg and Stas, I believe. Other than the Sterling A9500S (a truck I’d love see in ATS!), any other RnR truck is already in ATS, albeit with different 3d models.
    The traffic problem should be solved by deleting a file in the def (sub-)folder called “truck_traffic_storage.sii” or similar. As for the other issues, I sadly cannot fix them. I don’t understand the missing rim textures, since stock wheels can be chosen in the dealer screen. Both issues should be a rather easy fix for a experienced modder, I presume.

    – BS1

  7. Scarface6733

    Well I might pull it in to my mod shop next and redo it and bring it back to life after I get done with the ones I have already

    1. That’d be great – thank you!

      – BS1

    2. bonjour, oui en effet ce serai sympa de le refaire, j’adore ce camion mais pour le moment il est de côté :(

  8. El modelo esta muy bien pero es demasiado barato deberia costar por lo menos $30.000, y es muy molesto que no se pueda pintar.
    The model is fine but it is too cheap it should cost at least $ 30,000, and it is very annoying that it can not be painted.

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