Scania T Mod v 2.2.2 by RJL

Scania T for ATS1.30.
Full tuning and lighting.
Added new engine 950 HP, 4536 N/m, 703 kw (no badge).
Dealer Peterbilt.

Log file is clean.
Test on ATS v1.30.
Adapted for ATS – SlavikSD.

In the archive is also a “Toys” mod, display by Cuba and Skin Pack.

RJL, SlavikSD


3 thoughts on “Scania T Mod v 2.2.2 by RJL

  1. Added correction for the dealer. Now the truck is on a standalone slot.
    Load order:

  2. I hope I’ll get ETS2 Scania 4-series addon to work with this beauty

    1. I’ve written a tutorial on how to port the 4-series to ATS in the SCS forum:

      Maybe this helps you …

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