Super Pete 389

In this mod I have given the Pete 389, 100,000 HP 100,000 Ft lbs of torque 2 500 gallon tanks and a tricked out 18 speed Eaton transmission and it is also a 6×6 so all wheels drive the truck. All modded parts are only $1 and can be had at lvl 1. Enjoy :)



16 thoughts on “Super Pete 389

  1. worthless addon,,100k bhp,,,come back to planet earth

  2. I wish ppl would stop filling the site up with such unrealistic junk !!

  3. RITrucker

    Why are people wasting so much time coming up with Grand Theft Auto or Need for Speed type truck mods?? Good God, it’s a SIMULATOR, not a racing game!! This garbage needs to stop. If you want to make sh*t like this, go mod a racing game. All mods I work on, edit, use…they are all as close to realism as I can make them and those in the community love them as well. This? This is horsesh*t.

  4. TruckerMan2

    There will be of these to come for ALL TRUCKS :) YAY just for the people like these top 3 comments. Just so everyone knows that’s why I made this mod and posted it cause of the haters. You haters have made my day and put a smile on my face. ENJOY :D

    1. Can I steal your mods? I want your mods to claim it as my own!

    2. Karma will get you!

  5. I could not agree more! Were trying to simulate.

  6. Deputydawg

    This mod is better suited for Rig ‘n’ Roll instead of a serious simulator like ATS.

  7. I have to agree with everyone this is the kind of #### we don’t need remove your junk

  8. TruckerMan2

    Just cause I knew I would get these NEG crying comments I will be posting more of these. Why? Cause when you people whine it makes my day :D HAPPY TRUCKING

    1. I wanna steal your mods!

  9. Do more skins “Specially for ###### advanced teenagers”. And more it is necessary to make retractable wings

  10. Well, now you have me pretty scared!

  11. I wanna steal this mod and upload it as my own!

  12. Truckercharly

    TruckerMAN2??? No … TruckerCHILD2 … alittle child who will shows the world “i can unpack a scs file, i can edit the def, but it is ALL what i can. I am a great modder.” That is no mod, that is a little editig a text file, no art of any what. But we noticed your exist, no reason to download this ####. The next “mod” of TruckerKID2 is the same ####, but now with a million hp. Every “update” get a zero number more … great “super pete”. Everywhere are narcists … and every more of this ###### kids.

  13. TruckerMan2

    Also, anyone is free to steal my mods and use it for use by re-uploading them, not like I care or anything. ;)

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