Peterbilt 359


This 359 was converted from ETS2. It also was updated by Kriechbaum with new sounds and engines.
3 cabins
3 chassis
Engines: C-15, 3406E, 444 Cummins, ISX, N14
3 transmissions
2 interior choices
Little customization

Martin, Kriechbaum, Tucker


20 thoughts on “Peterbilt 359

  1. MotherTrucker

    Sorry but this mod looks like peace of….

    1. Peter Royce Clayton III

      Sorry, but I’m not seriously taking an opinion whereas the commenter doesn’t know the difference between “peace” and “piece”. Perhaps your education system is a PIECE of …., not to mention your ill manners.

  2. No advanced trailer coupling it needs it its a beautiful truck a legend

  3. worst mod for ats…..

  4. kaotik_inc

    Mod works great, with excellent fps. To address the advanced trailer coupling issue, go to the exterior camera (key 2) & line the fifth wheel up with the trailer pin, it will lock into place. Many other trucks have the same issue. Camera change always works.
    Definitely needs more accessories & engine choices though…. Stacks, bumpers, lights…. & some high-torque Detroit Diesels would make this truck perfect.

    1. I know that and i dont need exterior camera to line the fifth wheel up with the trailer pin but without colisions doesn’t feel realistic.

  5. freestylecarp6

    One thing ive always disliked about this mod even the ets 2 version was that if you go into the third person view and look into the cabin of the truck you can actually see the correct interior for the peterbilt 359 i would love this mod its just the interior 100% kills it

  6. The truck doesn’t look that bad. I will say it could use some small upgrades to look better in ATS.

  7. nice! love the classic 359’s i saw someone on the scs forum building a perfect 359 i hope we can enjoy that truck soon :P

  8. cattleman


    1. cattleman

      sorry I don’t why their are +++ in that thay poped up!

  9. this truck has a 379 dash, cab, and hood the “359” must have been a typo

  10. swiftrans

    looks like a mod you would get for farming simulator 15 hahaha

  11. Great mod though it needs some work and ‘More’ add ons.. too bad it doesn’t have Detroit Diesel for it.

  12. Is there any way to convert this mod to ets2

    1. If you had read the description, you would’ve seen that this is a conversion from the ETS2 version. Reading is fundamental. Lack of reading makes me mental

  13. nice mod, need a detroit engine and please fix the interior its peterbilt379 interior,

    The interior need to be looks like this:

    Thanks to update this in advance

  14. I love this mod the only thing I need is the template so I can make some skins

  15. hi+i+really+love+this+truck+and+i+was+wondering+if+you+could+work+on+making+the+fender+customizable

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