Peterbilt379 v2


This version is made paintable with template in side scs file also fix the interior view for sun shield and bumper guards the crashing prob when u hit i and now in the dealership looks like a full truck with nothing missing

credits to
viper 2 for parts
Cody pickoski for some exhaust
pinga for letting me mod his 2.0
Nick Reed for help and lights and crome
guidot and kw_driver for engines and trans



12 thoughts on “Peterbilt379 v2


    Too bad I can’t use this truck cause of my cheap graphics card.☹️☹️. Nice mid anyway.

  2. i have a ###### graphics card to bud its not like the 389 where it kill fps


    I meant nice MOD.

  4. mindset01

    ty u should try it i cant use vipers cause its so laggy but this is perfect

  5. Really a nice model … and really driving enjoyable for me … there is only one thing that bothers me … the left mirrors completely out of sight even moving the driver seat camera all the way back :(
    Is there a hope this could be fixed ?
    Anyway … a great job ! Thx ! :)

  6. mindset01

    i can try and move it foward a bit just dont want it to pop out the window

    1. I was hoping in a solution like Ken W900 or similar … but how I told you after all it’s not a great issue … for what I checked ’till now it’s a great mod and I really like the whole truck ( I love the dashboard).
      Also don’t know how much work does it take to “move it foward a bit” … so …feel free to try … otherwise it’s ok the way you did. :)
      Thanks again ! :)

  7. ok. i wanna talk about 2 bugs. left mirror on the hood is not reflecting. mirror adjustment is not working for that mirror. and one more thing, i see every texture of the road on sunvisor. too much chromy i think or something. sorry for bad english. moderator if you want you can edit my message _) thanks.

  8. front grill chrome and front lights TOO dark, motor sound not good, too much flare in all truck

  9. Thanks mindset hope to see you around :)

  10. downloaded both versions and overtime i try to open them it just says steam cannot open files of this type….??? any suggestions ?? i was thinking it was because i have a mac computer but the game itself has run absolutely fine for the past few months so something to do with steam???

  11. Always overlooked due to bad picture, checked it out today and was blown away!

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