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Tractocamion Kenworth T660 v 1.0

Date 2016-07-03 09:50

Tractocamion-Kenworth-T660-3 Tractocamion-Kenworth-T660-2 Tractocamion-Kenworth-T660-1

kenworth t660
Fully standalone.
3 cabin types
4 chasis types
Many tuning parts adapted
The truck is available paragraph Quick Job

Authors: SCS, Franck_Perú


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30 Responses to Tractocamion Kenworth T660 v 1.0


    Don’t work on OpenGL…

  2. Leon

    advanced trailer coupling don’t work / el acoplamiento avanzado del trailer no funciona

  3. BS1

    Is this the same mod as the private T660 Kriechbaum posted a video of on Youtube? https://youtu.be/rVyuI86815M
    Looks rather familiar. Anyway, good work.

    Best regards,

  4. BS1

    Is this the same mod as the private one, shown on Kriechbaum’s YouTube channel?
    Beautiful truck, nearly SCS quality – thank you!

  5. Finaly a veri good quality t660 mod, it looks very nice and havent noticed any bugs with it. Just one little thing that bothers me, theres two gps’s in the cab, which I belive is a little unecesary. Other than thatm, very good work!

    And no it is not the same mod as Kriechbaum’s, atleast I dont believe so. I notice that one got some other parts that this one dosent have.

    Hope to see more parts and updates in the future! :)

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    Please provide a good downloadlink for Internet Explorer users!

    • Wut, didnt know people actualy used IE :o

      • Ways71

        Actually, I used to use IE for a couple of reasons…Plugins..And Work Applications…Chrome has cut compatibility with many plugins, such as Unity, Adobe Shockwave, etc. Chrome users also have problems accessing most applications that are used to go to work (at home). So, if someone still uses IE, it’s fine. Because Chrome has cut compatibility with many plugins and applications.

    • Wim Frencken

      still use that f…k IE, use firefox or Chrome

  7. Truckguy

    Guys this isn’t the same mod on Kriech’s youtube. This mod is very close tho and thank you for putting it up.

  8. One problem though, it does not suport advanced trailer coupling :/

  9. It doesn’t bother anyone that the steering wheel is not centered ????

    • Wim Frencken

      the steering wheel not centered, it bothers me, do something good . you look like the ###### SCS, f..ck off

  10. BS1

    You are right, it’s a different mod.
    Great work once, it has to be said once again!

    Best regards,

  11. Jon

    Hi, I cannot download say something like limit download reached can you upload to another page, thank you / No puedo descargarlo indica un error, se llego al limite de descargas, puedes subirlo a otra pagina? Gracias.

  12. Does this truck come with a template

  13. Alex

    work ^^ appreciated

  14. Andrew

    The steering is offset and doesn’t turn

  15. Gabriel Hamilton

    How do you make your own truck and put it in ats?

  16. Charlie

    Who do I talk to about paint skin for this truck?

  17. Sorry to say, but this mod did not work for me, I tried zipping it but that still doesnt work. It pops up in my mod manager but I enabled it, went to every dealer in the game and couldnt find it.

    Best Regards,

  18. Timothy

    Great truck but it needs to be updated for V1.4 interior Crashes game in V1.4

  19. Kevin

    download link don’t work

  20. Hello, good truck and good job but I have seen that the right mirror (Right Hood Mirror) is missing ( Missing model descriptor: /vehicle/truck/upgrade/mirror/kenworth_t660/mirror_02_front_right.pmd). Could you add this missing mirror as it is in the previous version of the mod please?

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