Peterbilt 352 Reworked ATS 1.35.x DX11 FIX NO DLC NEEDED

Crash fixed.
Now you can use the truck without DLC Steering creations pack.
Download the add-on separately.
A little rework on cabin vertices.
If you have errors about cabin or chassis vertices in gamelog, open game console with ºª key, type: g_baked_vehicle “0” and press ENTER.
Clean gamelog.
TESTED ON ATS 1.35.x & DX11

CyrusTheVirus, Lucasi, Franck Peru, JDM

DOWNLOAD 104 MB [Sharemods]

14 thoughts on “Peterbilt 352 Reworked ATS 1.35.x DX11 FIX NO DLC NEEDED

  1. Guys, don’t do g_baked_vehicle “0” – it will only hide the error message but you will get worst performance with other well made trucks. This setting should be set to 1 and mod authors should fix their trucks.

    1. It’s Cyrus Harven, he does not bother to fix the errors vs your truck mods that are quality …

  2. So, you solution is to deactivate the baked model?????????? (and so to be clear, that error will popup again every time you launch the game). God, you are the worst cyrus. Seriously. And as Harven said, disabling the baking feature will make things far worst. But again, its Cyrus, what can we expect…

  3. CyrusTheVirus

    Cabin vertices warning solved yet.
    NOT a solution deactivate the baked model warnings, I know!
    All that is solved sooner or later, but the bitter life of some that has no solution, what a shame.

  4. MissingGhost

    Did he make this truck or is it a ripoff of someone else’s work?

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Rework, update.

  5. Cyrus you are the cancer for Ats and Ets2
    Give up on your ###### mods, do something better for yourself.

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      Be careful not to get cancer in your #####…

  6. CyrusTheVirus

    and better to mess with those who copy the mods in modhub, and many and many pages most Russian, many here edit, improve, update mods to be with the same song always. Who does not agree not to download and problem solved.

    1. Could you please include a template for making skins in your mods?

  7. Really+poor+mod.

  8. Peter Klemmensen


  9. Nira Pony

    Well i know that cyrus is doing his best i use many trucks by him all the way back to ats v1.3.1.1 and yes some are not the best but they do work and he works to bring us trucks to drive i have enjoyed many trucks and respect him for the work that has bin done.

  10. interior as a ####.

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