Kenworth T2000 1.35 Fixed

Changes in v1.1
If possible, corrected errors, returned the missing files and updated the version of the game 1.35.
– Added 3 speed settings for janitors;
– Corrected the shadows;
– The truck can be purchased both at the standard KENWORTH and in the modified one, unlocking all parts from level 0.
– The truck was tested on the game version 1.35 in DX9 and DX11 mode on a clean profile with a clean game.log;

– Standalone
– KENWORTH dealer
– Interior
– Painted
– Tuning
– Sounds
– Support for advanced hitch;
– Support for cables and hoses;
– Fixed wipers (clear glass again).

MRD_Hasky, Dmitry86. revision vasja555, Update 1.35: VITALIY7735

DOWNLOAD 88 MB [Sharemods]

7 thoughts on “Kenworth T2000 1.35 Fixed

  1. demetris minneapolis


  2. Demetrius Minneapolis

    One of my favorite trucks from the first year this game came out and this one works very well. Wish there was a SISL interior option, but that is fine. Also appreciate the onboard computers in this variant and my old skins still work!. Thanks for sharing.

    1. how did you get it to work? For me it shows up as a blank mod and when i activate it the truck doesnt show up.

  3. NuclearSneeze

    Can’t get this truck to show up in any dealership.

    1. It’s wrong packed, unpack the scs file and you will see an other scs-file and a screenshots (jpg-File). However, this model is only outwardly beautiful. As soon as you try to add some accessories (both outside and inside), you will see that it is not worth starting. Deleted!

  4. kevin seguro


  5. kevin seguro

    lo mejor de lo mejor

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