International 9600 1994

International 9600 ,ATS 1.34x, 1.35x

– 2 Cabinas
– 1 Chassis
– Varios accesorios en cabina
– Compatible con SiSL’s Mega Pack
-Placas centroamericanas y mexico

¡Espero y lo disfruten!

Ron Mora, A quien pertenezca


7 thoughts on “International 9600 1994

  1. template?

    1. Modelo COE!

  2. Another crappy job, not updated to DX11. Everybody can update it to 1.35, thats not the problem. But did you update it to dx11? no. The developer console is your friend to look for problems. I recommend you to start using it.

  3. No le hiciste ni madres y tienes el descaro de quitar los créditos originales. Pinche rata culera.

  4. No air horn? The dashboard speedometer is inaccurate! It shows a much higher value than you really should! The circular convex mirrors are square, ugly! That’s just a few of the first rounds I found.

  5. My friend, please, fix the speedometer: it’s marking MPH gauge values like KMH….
    Example: when you hit 53 MPH (85 KMH) in the game, it’s pointing to 85 MPH on the speedometer gauge…

    Besides that, if you can add wheel animation (front-back & up-down) will gonna be nice!

  6. Where no you even buy it from

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