Peterbilt 352 Cabover v 2.0 [1.29]

Peterbilt Dealership
One cab
4 Chassis – all long
One interior
Your sound depends on the engine
Your tuning (bumper, pipes, tanks)

Test on version 1.29.XX



26 thoughts on “Peterbilt 352 Cabover v 2.0 [1.29]

  1. JNTGaming

    Hd video 1.29…

  2. in archive v 1.0

  3. American Trucker

    This is 1 of the best cabovers I’ve played! The ideas you can come up with setting it up, lights, add-ons etc etc BUT few things. 1) the neon lights don’t seem to work, either set. 2) the most important to me, this truck doesn’t pull any loads over 80k lbs. Lost 2 loads due to hooking up and it refusing to turn. Tried Dlc pack heavy load scraper and bulldozer. Man would of been a great screen shot in the Grand Canyon!!

    1. TruckMan2

      Nothing wrong with the capablenees to haul over 80 thousand lbs I am hauling a 118,500lb digger with this truck right now at this time. You just muct know how to drive the truck. As far as the Neons go your right about them they dont seem to work thats the only problem I see with this truck so far.

  4. The RAR file is corrupted!

  5. Don't steal mods

    The inability to pull heavy trailers is specific to certain chassis’…. & the neons work, but you’ll only see the glow from them, not the light itself. Add them, leave the garage. When it gets dark, turn them on & leave the headlights off. You should then see them. (I think they turn on with the beacons button, or the interior lights button. The default beacon switch is “O”…. Couldn’t tell you which one works the int lights though)

  6. rar file is corrupted!!!

    1. The file didn’t work for me either! Says “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”. Not sure what that’s all about…

      1. make update to your rar

  7. Needs more added too it, some gauges, USA Style Stacks, Grilles, Etc. But a Really good Start.

  8. I’d love too see a 4×2 Chassis, and Day Cab…

  9. rebel7638

    i cant download it from here

  10. TruckMan2

    Why do my Comments keep coming up missing on this Mod?

    1. If administration don’t approve your message, it don’t get published.

  11. Great looking Pete, however had to remove it since I was getting major lag with this mod. Might need some better optimization. I have lots of other trucks in my mods folder and none of them cause this amount of lag.

    1. Agreed the amount of lag is unbelieveable. It makes the mod very hard to use also to sit and build this truck then not be able to use it just isn’t all that right. Please fix the issues with this mod before I consider using it again.

  12. david69er

    please do an ETS2 version of this truck

  13. The air intake tube/ cap needs to be relocated to its original location behind the cab. I like the lighting accessories, but i think the lollipop light needs to be added to the bumper accessories as an option to add. Also I believe a drop down lollipop hanging off the mirrors would give it an outstanding look. Other than the air intake in the wrong location nice mod.

    1. I would make the air intake part ot the exhaust accessories. I also would like to see a flipped version of the JDM 10 fenders.

  14. what mod do i need to put accessories like lights and horns on it.

  15. I would love to see one with a shorter wheelbase someday. Until then, looks good.

  16. Not bad, but there could be a variation of many bumper’s cabs because this is a very small one. Baromi points to the inlet of the air filter at the top of the cabin, but the pipe does not run behind the roof. The chimneys could be a smooth series not only for these tuning tubes.

  17. STOLEN

  18. joe bidome

    i know im 2 years late and i installed the mod but it doesent apear in my mods dealership and i went to a peterbuilt dealership but it wasent there either so i wanted to ask for help…

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