Scania Trucks for ATS v1.3

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This mod adds Scania trucks(from ETS 2) to ATS.
You have to activate European Truck Dealers mod(included in zip file) to buy these trucks from the dealer. After you activate it, you can find the trucks at dealers in San Francisco, Tucson, Las Vegas or Farmington(New Mexico).
– Scania R 2009 , Scania Streamline, Scania R 2016 and Scania S 2016 models available in the mod.
– Completely converted from ETS 2 without errors.
– Realistic suspensions
– Supports Advanced Trailer Coupling

v1.3 released. Changes;
– Removed Scania truck dealer.
– Fix for missing textures
– Improved truck suspensions
– Added new accessories
– Engine sound bug fixed.

Required Game Version

Please respect to labor by following these rules;
– Don’t edit the mod files without permission.
– Give the link of this page as a download link while sharing the mod on other sites or Youtube(as a video) etc.
– Don’t upload the mod to your Sharemods/Modsfile etc. account.
Thanks in advance.

SCS Software, Frkn64 Modding


27 thoughts on “Scania Trucks for ATS v1.3

  1. a ideia é boa de ter mais concessionarias diferente no jogo pois isso me deu facilidade em utilizar truck volvo do ETS 2 no ATS, o ponto negativo é que tem que usar uma delas pois ambos as duas aparecem em LAS VEGAS, teria que aparecer em lugares diferentes para se usar as duas ou mais concessionarias juntas

  2. jorgent97



  4. I+SOLVE!+The+problem+is+the+Sound+Fixes+Pack+V.17.80+mod….+Work+fine+now!

  5. Frank Drake

    I would use these European trucks but they mess up the standard chrome wheels on all other trucks… :(

  6. Keep that Euro stuff over where it belongs… What we want is American trucks. In AMERICAN Truck Simulator.

    1. And yet we have the Scot A2HD, which is a truck from Canada…

      1. Yeah, where it belongs: trash! Scania ain’t $hit in the USA, understand that at once, you fools. If you like this kind of European craps go play ETS2, down here we want American rigs!

        1. HAHAHA you guys are a bunch of morons. If you don’t like EURO trucks just don’t download them, it’s that simple. If I want EURO trucks in ATS I shall be allowed the FREEDOM to do so. America is about freedom after all, isn’t it?!

          1. Ramones, Absolutely I agree with you. Those who don’t like this trucks, they have to don’t download it.

        2. let’s be honest i can’t think of anything good that the US actually does or has done :) so Frkn64-Modding is giving you muppets something good for once …i love using scanias in ATS just like i used the Freightliner in ETS….great mod Frkn64-Modding keep it upto date my son :)

          1. You might be speaking German today if not for the Great US of A, remember that!

  7. YOU want the European stuff in Euro Truck Simulator and not in American Truck Simulator. How do you know that no one else wants it in American Truck Simulator?

    It is for example legal to drive and register European vehicles without any modifications in Canada, if they are older than 15 years. Furthermore there are people who might want to do something different with the game (like building the virtual reality after their dreams) or who might use different maps than you do.

    So I appreciate the people porting stuff to ATS/ETS, even though it might not fit into the base game. Thank you very much for this Scania!

    1. FREEDOM !!!

    2. Thank you for your support. Absolutely I agree with you. Those who don’t like this trucks, they haven’t to download it.

  8. Wolferwow

    hello, can you please let me modify the horsepower of one of the trucks please? I really want to have a higher hp and torque number. :(

  9. Wolferwow

    best mod ever. wish you could have more hp lol :c

  10. Whish to have only the Scania R & S , not all the #### , it’s like buy all the pork just for a bacon slice .

  11. Dalsin is trash, his parents even call him trash because he shows no talent in modding and only cares about whining at people.

    Hey Dalsin, you got served good so you’re not just trash, you’re a piece of a s h i t. Deal with it.

    1. What up mane, have I hurt your european pride with the truth? Hahaha if you don’t like what I say just motherf%ck scram, nobody called you here. As far as I know this is a free speech page, so I’m not here to please you, you feel me?

      1. Here’s what you look like, Dalsin:

        Maybe then, instead of acting like a smart@$$, just accept the fact that you lack any modding talent like other veteran authors. And besides, who are you to tell me or the others what to do? Gosh, kid. You really ARE a pathetic trash. Come back when you have some semblance, oh wait, you don’t have one. Shame, shame shame…

      2. Really, Dalsin? Wow, that’s the weakest comeback you can give to me, even a 5-year old can come up with better insults than you. Sorry to say that even Trump disowns you because you’re too self-centered to show any modding talents.

        You’re truly a joke, loser. Just don’t try to talk tough when you wound up leaving your spine at home. You just can’t insult greatness many authors can give. You on the other hand, deserve to be roasted by me and everyone else and we all know how ###### you are when you type.

  12. Dalsin here brings shame to his own American people who is far too unappreciated because his friends had called him a sellout. I’m American myself and I appreciate trucks from different worlds; Dalsin is a nobody, an outcast to society.

    Awesome truck, Frkn64. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yeah, yeah.. just let me contemplate on suicide.

  13. These silly people complaining about European trucks in the U.S. make me laugh. I have Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. I am American. I have been using American truck mods for Euro Truck Simulator games for years. I love the Scanias. Thanks for porting them over. It’s amusing just how many people waste their time complaining about something that they need only to ignore. Keep the European trucks coming. I’d love the opportunity to drive an Iveco Hiway on the American roads.

    1. Roberto D.

      Indeed. Mr. Dalsin here is too narrow-minded and possess no talent in modding, only comes to whine and moan just because they make better trucks than he does.

  14. megusta

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