Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition v 2.0 [1.29.x]

Version 2.0:
* Revision and correction of default model SCS
* Eventually 3 types of cabin: default (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch) with vents (Aerocab Sleeper 72 inch) and increased the factory (Studio Sleeper 86 inch)
* Default day cab, and frame for them was removed
* 3 types of sleeping bag in intrieri corresponding to the cabs
* Replaced the interiors in the external models to the internal HD
* Changed the geometry of the opening front Windows, aligned to the external model the point of fixing of the canopy also meets the external model
* Windshield stand more upright, are consistent with the external models
* 3 frames (265 inches), 3 frames (275 inches), 1 frame (285 inches),1 frame (295 inches),1 frame (305 inches)
* The track of the front wheels is reduced, in accordance with the real
* steps, toolbox, auxualy power(odd_fellow), added in the accessory section
* 3 completely new bumper (20 inches) with the possibility of installation of the driver plate
* 1 new V style visor (12-inch)
* Added the CBS station (the author odd_fellow) in interior design, repurposed materials.the station is a separate slot
* Added in salon 2 of the shift lever (author odd_fellow), one stock and the second long, with vozmozhnostyu tuning
* Reconfigured almost all materials and textures on the truck and in the interior
* Of the interior now you can see the antenna on the bars mirrors
* Canted grille in accordance with the actual geometry (by default it is vertical)
* Made a brighter red nameplate on the hood
* Reduce by 10 percent the size of the mirrors on the hood
* The suspension made softer on all frames, now nice ride rocking more default very oak
* Reconfiguring the camera in the cabin, 67 fov and other settings turning the head
* Increased the range point settings of the camera, by default it was impossible closer to the dash to install the camera
* Replaced the default model radio, model odd_fellow, set up the materials. radio a separate slot.
* Reconfigured the glow of the instruments
* In the salons of Exclusive illumination devices blue
* Added anchor points for accessory pack of SISL (requires original pack MEGAPACK SISL)
* The engine is now painted himself in the choice of the engine itself
* Did the material of the headlights is separate from the Windows of the cabin
* Set up the reflection glass in the cabin and on the external model
* Came up with such a chip, the plate on the bumper, same as in torpedo, where you can write text. will have 3 of my bumpers at different locations
* Moved the flags oversize on the bumper
* The ends of the wings of the hood is more rounded than the default
* A set of details attached to certain items and will not be active on the other.

Tested version s



22 thoughts on “Kenworth W900L Big Bob Edition v 2.0 [1.29.x]

  1. HD test video…

  2. Gear Jammer

    I can not see the scs file for this download, please advise

    1. me neither

    2. IH farmer

      just use the zip file it works fine

      1. scania_dragon

        To all: ETS2 as well as ATS can handle .zip-files as mod-file (since a lot of patches). A mod must be no longer only a .scs-file! A zip-file must not be extracted necessarily. But it is not wrong if you take a look into the archive.

        1. how we do that mate? :)

  3. Thanks for this great truck. I have the gps on the left cause it is hard to see it with the gear stick.

    1. Change it for standard and no problem :) mod is working well

  4. Ahmet Budanır

    mod is not working
    the game is closing

  5. #### shame, it’s ah nice looking truck but another one of these mods that doesn’t play fair with other mods and this one keeps crashing my sim, so my other mods work together just fine and this one has to go sorry

  6. good job !!!!!!! THX

  7. This truck has really come a long nicely, thanks for your hard work! Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. American Trucker

    Can’t seem to figure it out, game has sounds but truck doesn’t, no matter what engine I use. But other than that works fine with all my other mods and maps. BTW thankx for the update!!

    1. try deleting both the game.log.txt and game.crash.txt files while game is closed. Launch game and see if your engine sounds are back. This worked for me in the past.

  9. The truck is awesome thanks but every time I try to pause my game it crashes.

  10. You can add more sun visors and exhaust pipes? still red lights behind the air filters. sorry for the translator

  11. Can you load the shift change separately?

  12. Warren Campros


  13. does anyone have a google drive link sharemods and upload are not working for me

  14. cant download it says that the file dosnt exsist

  15. Cant get mod to work ingame at all…
    Can select mod in the mod menu but doesnt show up in dealer ship.. I habe installed the “fix” for this as well as tje updated versions no luck…

  16. this mod shows up in vehicle browser but not available for purchase. not sure why. can someone help me out on something that i have missed

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