Penske Truck Leasing


Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P. is a joint venture of Penske Corporation, Penske Automotive Group, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and General Electric Capital AND Headquartered in Pennsylvania



10 thoughts on “Penske Truck Leasing

  1. Nice, thanks! Now I can put a truck with my Penske trailer again!

  2. Hahaha….Yeh….and your supposed to be taking a week off Dave…..

    1. I am. Really. lol I still like to keep up with downloading mods though while im not driving. That way I dont have so much to download when I play again. :)

  3. Dave is really secretly saying retirement of skinning was sooooooo boring and ATS is so on the road active he could not stay away. lol.
    Dave I had a W900 knock off penske by wikdor skin you could have rented from my download stock., And now I have two !!!!
    My problem is just the opposite I am so busy downloading I don’t have time to drive and most of the driving is coast to coast orders lol. Thank you Fidiuss.

    1. It really is hard not to skin as I enjoy it. Robert aka Bobbo662 calls me an addict. His fault though since he taught me. lol But I WANT to just sit back, drive a bit, download cool stuff on here….but then in the back of mind im still skinnin something. :) It makes me “retire” a lot…..temporarily. lol I try to quit then I see a cool truck or trailer…and I think…I could skin that! :)

      1. I must admit David some of my attempts at company skins drive me nutz! and just dont make it onto the net :) but for some strange weird obsession i keep on going its a drug man i tell ya :) fortunately there are great modders and skinners on here which gives me the inspiration to keep on going..hell if you enjoy it then do it ….

    2. Your so right James :) and on that mention of the coast to coast map i did a 3000 mile run from my headquarters to new york ….i kissed my wife and daughter goodbye before i set off …man she even packed me some lunch lol :) ….having said that i was back home in time for the walking dead :P

  4. And that ladies and gentlemen is one more of the episodes of ‘sims of my life’ for today now back to downloading or driving or falling asleep at the wheel but never getting hurt– and on and on and on—-

  5. Nice job! Looks like the Penske trucks that I used to deal with at another site I worked at before!

  6. Will this work for the T680?

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