9 thoughts on “ATS. T-D-S peterbilt 389 Snake skin

  1. keep these show skins coming man! :) i have a garage set aside for them :)

  2. Fidiuss I have just discovered this relm of skins just the other day and I am not only making a specific profile for them but a complete section of driving runs for them.
    TDS you guys ROCK !! That trailer was the perfect match for the video. job well done guys. The best part of ATS who needs a wash rack cause they never get ##### !

  3. i love your work guys i have a special demand if you guys can :-) i love to have a deadpool marvel heros for a peterbilt 389 if you guys have time of corse if you can’t it is ok i love yours skins so i play them all the time

    1. ready Downlod

    2. deadpool ready Download :)

  4. these are my show trucks :) i cant take a trailer on them that would feel so wrong :)

    1. I agree with you but then again you make show trailer from curtain trailer that opens up when unhooked to show a tricked out interior lol

      1. yeh that would be cool …..has it ever been done :)

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